Emma Repin - Criminal defense attorney. Vampire: The Requiem ghoul. 

Tenure: April 2012 - March 2013. I hate to say it, but a lot of the fun went out of her once she went from beinga ghoul to being a vampire...

Daughter of Mikhail Repin - a well-placed Russian mobster. Mikhail was the son of a Russian native who took advantage of the chaos of WWII to get the hell out of the Soviet Union. He grew up in the "Little Odessa" neighborhood of Brooklyn, where he joined up with what would eventually become The Odessa Mafia. He hitched his wagon to the right star and did very well by it all. Mikhail (and his young family) moved to the Bay Area in the 1980s, at the request of the then-head of the gang. Emma's mom, Anna, is a "typical" mob wife and largely out of the picture. 

Emma has four older brothers. They were all born and raised in the US, as she was, and all of them are Russian/English bilingual. 

Mikhail died shortly after Thanksgiving in 2012. Misha is now the head of the family.


Misha (sometimes Mike, just don't call him "Junior"). Smart, cunning and relentless - possibly more so than his old man ever was. 

Misha is 44 years old, married and has two kids - boy and a girl, aged 10 and 7, respectively. (Yes, that's a dreadful picture. Running a mob is stressful.)



Alex (Alexi) - Mikey's right-hand. Ruthless to the point of being scary, Alexi likes his job a little too much. He's smart, but he's also vicious and remarkably selfish, even for a criminal. He's considered the most likely member of the family to go off the rails, should any of them do so. 

40 years old, divorced but has one son (who he rarely sees) who is five.



Ivan. The "white sheep" of the family. Went to medical school, became a pediatrician and has distanced himself from the family's criminal activity. Currently working and living in Sacramento.

40 years old, married with a seven year old daughter.



Greg (Grigory) - enforcer/thug. Probably will never rise above middling rank, despite family connections. But, by sheer fact of being the boss's brother (and the previous boss's son), he knows quite a lot.

Grigory is Strong Like Ox and Smart Like Tractor. He's created more work for Emma than the rest of the family, combined. The family is well aware that brains aren't Greg's strong suit, which is why he'll never be a part of the inner circle.

38 years old, no steady relationship but has had a string of girlfriends.


The Repin family is primarily concerned with human trafficking, cybercrime, gambling, protection rackets and money laundering in Oakland and Hayward. Lately, the family has gotten more into human trafficking - particularly the bait-and-switch forced-into-prostitution thing - and Emma finds that distasteful. Everyone has their limits, after all. Mikhail Repin died shortly after Thanksgiving in 2012 and Misha has taken over, with Alexi as his second in command. As of December 2012, the transition has been smooth.

The family is trying to increase activity in some areas, such as prostitution, weapons and drug smuggling, but faces fierce competition from the Asian and Mexican gangs who hold bigger pieces of those pies.

Emma’s father was initially resistant to her joining the family business, but he gave in when she proved as stubborn as he was. Some members of the gang (lower down the totem pole) still have an issue with her - usually right until their butts need bailing out of jail. 

Emma doesn't maintain a practice. She works solely for the family and now the Ventrue kindred Beckett. In addition to springing mobsters on technicalities and whatnot, she'll run various errands for the family, of the carefully-administered-bribe type and such. With the death of her father, this is changing and she's getting more involved and more "hands-on".

Emma is not a violent person - not by mob standards - and only at her brothers’ insistence does she carry a gun for protection. She chooses not to comment on the fact that this has saved her life more than once.

Other Bits

Alexi and Ivan are identical twins. Yes, really. 

Emma doesn't have many friends, for obvious reasons. She's polite to her sisters-in-law, but doesn't have much in common with them, aside from the obvious family ties. She's fond of her nieces and nephews, of course, but doesn't see them very often. 

Emma has a few professional colleagues, but they're smart enough to not get too close to her. She's not been able to maintain a "proper" relationship with anyone since law school - at this point she has neither the inclination nor much opportunity. 

Like many criminals, Emma maintains a stash of cash (gold Krugerrands worth approximately $2000, in her case) in case she has to move out and her other assets are frozen. 

Vignettes and Such

01 - Emma and two of her brothers have a conversation while on their way to visit their father. Setting: 9/12/12 (shortly after Game 1). Script format, PDF file, short.

02 - Emma meets Beckett for dinner and tries to hold firm to her resolution not to drink his blood. Really, she tried! Setting: 9/15/12 (shortly after Game 1) Taken from a chat session with Rory. Script format, PDF file, 12 pages. 
03 - Third time's the charm! Emma's last ditch attempt to avoid becoming Beckett's thrall. It goes about as well as you might expect, although she does manage to surprise him at the end. Taken from a chat session with Rory. Setting: 10/08/12 (shortly before Game 2). Script format, PDF file, 12 pages. 
04 - Ivan - the 'white sheep' of Emma's family, pays a visit. The conversation does not end on a happy note. Setting: 10/12/12 (just before Game 2). Script format, PDF file, 8 pages.

05 - Another vignette with another brother. Emma accompanies Alexi while addressing a little problem they're having with the family's import/export business. But, as it turns out, Emma does most of the talking. Setting: 10/22/12 (between Game 2 and 3). Script format, PDF file, 9 pages.
06 - The gang's all here! Three of Emma's brothers are meeting with the patriarch of the family when Emma interrupts with... something.Setting: 11/08/12 (just before Game 3). Script format, PDF file, 7 pages. 

07 - Emma pays another visit to her contact at the Port of Oakland and explains to him how things are going to be from now on. Setting 11/23/12 (midway between Game 3 and 4). Script format, PDF file, 6 pages. 

08 - The patriarch of the Repin clan has died. Naturally, family and friends get together to see him off. Setting: 12/4/12 (just before Game 4). Script format, PDF file, 12 pages. 

09 - In which the author decides to jump the shark. Emma sits in on some family business with Alexi. Weirdness ensues. Setting: 12/18/12 (between Games 4 and 5). Script format, PDF file, 9 pages. 

10 - In which things seriously unravel for our heroine and she shovels an awful lot of BS at Alexi, for various reasons. Setting: 12/19/12 (between Games 4 and 5). Script format, PDF file, 7 pages.

11 - Emma meets Sgt. Thompson for the second time and discovers that her brother likes 'em cute and stupid. Unfortunately, the laughs don't last very long. Setting: 1/20/13  (between Games 5 and 6). Script format, PDF file, 6 pages. 
12 - In which our author decides to use one of the oldest tropes in the book. To say more would spoil it. Setting: 2/18/13 (between Games 6 and 7). Script format, PDF file, 3 pages.

13 - After refusing to answer calls or even acknowledge Emma's existence for the past two weeks, Emma sends a text that demands Beckett's attention. ("Did we speak to each other last night?"). Emma seizes the opportunity to deliver up the most manipulative and insincere apology of her life. Beckett seems to buy it, but only because his mind is on other things, perhaps...
14 - Now that she's a vampire, Emma has to adjust very quickly to the requirements of her new lifestyle. Of course, things never quite turn out as planned - especially when family is involved. Setting: mid-March 2013 (between Games 7 and 8). Script format, PDF file, 8 pages. 
15 - Misha and Emma discuss her new state. Setting: mid-March. Script format, PDF file, 5 pages.
16 - Unsurprisingly, Alexi makes things difficult. Setting: late March. Script format, PDF file, 6 pages.
17 - Alexi gets what he thinks he wants and Emma gets an unpleasant surprise. Setting: early April.
Bonus foolishness!

I had to screengrab this moment from The Krays and mentally title it "When (and How) Ivan left the family." Source note: the aforementioned film was a biopic about Ronnie & Reggie Kray. They were twins and crime lords in East London in the 1960s. Ron, in particular, was batshit insane and openly bisexual. Only last weekend did I realize I'd channeled a chunk of their history for Alexi, mostly visible in Vignette #08. D'oh!

Even more foolishness!

Deleted Footage 01 (I might as well number them, I'm sure there'll be more) Bits of dialogue and partial vignettes that were doodled out but probably won’t be going into canon, for various reasons. But I can’t just delete my little darlings and consign them to the void, so... (3 pages, pdf file)