Mid-Winter Resolutions.


The Maternal Jackal resolves to stop hating the past and fearing the future.

The Maternal Jackal will try to learn the place and time for sentimentality - and keep to those limits.

Ditto for intoxication and binge eating.

The Maternal Jackal realizes that only she can improve her situation, and thus resolves to work harder to get out of her current dead-end-career-path, by whatever means possible.

The Maternal Jackal intends to maintain her low-tolerance level of idiots, but she will try to express her contempt more eloquently.

The Maternal Jackal will tell people when she has a problem with them - when it arises, not six months later.

The Maternal Jackal will quit apologizing for things that aren't her fault.

The Maternal Jackal will try to keep her temper, even when she's feeling provoked and self-righteous.

The Maternal Jackal will accept solicited criticism without becoming defensive. Unsolicited criticism is still open game.

When asked to provide criticism, the Maternal Jackal will strive for honesty, but keep the self-esteem of the recipient in mind.

The Maternal Jackal will try to conquer one of her neuroses (vote for your favorite!)

The Maternal Jackal will stop judging the desirability of men based upon how much good would be done for her ego by fucking the man under consideration.

The Maternal Jackal will curb her tendency to fly to pieces at the drop of a hat. She will stop for breath and double-check everything.

The Maternal Jackal will try to re-start her writing journal and continue to dedicate time to non-RPG writing.

And, lastly, the Maternal Jackal promises to finish Cthulhu In My Refrigerator by the end of 1998.


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