January 23rd

I'm alternately giddy and panicky today. I have to set some priorities and made some decisions regarding WTFOS and, frankly, I'm just out of practice. I'm sure I'll get back into my groove, shortly, but for the moment, I'm still working the rust loose. I need a can of WD-40 for my brain...

In between comparing celphone services (it's narrowed down to MetroPCS and Virgin Mobile) and trying to find a new battery for my laptop computer (totally impossible) I'm doing my best to whack Captain Paranoia on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. Following my crash and burn of October, you can imagine how much fun he's having at the moment. You're making this up as you go along, Johanna. It's been years since you've written a screenplay. Do you really think you can hack this huge, experimental project and herd cats for it at the same time? You're doomed. Dooooomed.

Captain Paranoia is a bastard.

Meanwhile, I am empathizing for friends who have got their own potential dooms looming on the horizon, and hoping they use the correct reasons as a basis for forming decisions - the good, solid, logical reasons, not the flightly, vaporous emotional ones. Granted, I will be the first person to endorse the need for emotional satisfaction but sometimes emotions just get in the way...

I'm not entirely sure why I'm writing this entry, aside from the fact that I'm a little bored right now and spacey from having spent far too many hours online today. I've been doing the usual - 'chatting' with friends, re-working some of my websites, blithering away in my livejournal. I suppose I should enjoy this while it lasts. Once WTFOS ramps up, I'm not going to have much time for anything else.

Yes, the masochist in me is really looking forward to this work.

And I'm really looking forward to a nap. To heck with it, my struggle against consciousness is doomed for the moment. A thirty-minute nap will restore my energy and leave me bright-eyed, ready to do...nothing for the rest of the evening...

Gods, I'm looking forward to once again having a reason to get out of bed in the morning.


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