A Small Pile of Blogs


Hang on Tightly, Let Go Lightly  
(formerly Irregular Ramblings Redux,)
up to the moment thoughts as they pass through my head, courtesy of LiveJournal (mostly f-locked as of 2008)

See The Fangrrl Squee
all SF fannishness, all the time! - mostly to save the above journal from getting even more cluttered.

~Insert Witty Blog Name Here~
my 100% public and far less startling to strangers blog

Generally Inactive
Failed experiments, archives of pre-blogosphere projects and the like.

for a while, I tried to keep a separate writing journal.

Irregular Ramblings Archive
hosted on skaro.com from 1999 - 2002

Juggling Mercury Archive
 dream journal, updated entirely at random

next time, I think I'll try something a little less passive-aggressive...