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Monday, April 1st, 2002

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    This might not be news to anyone, but I'm going to share it, anyways.

    I finally hit 130lbs last weekend! After pissing and moaning about losing weight for the past two years, I got serious in the new year, and have managed to reach my first major goal.

    Now I've just got to shave 2 inches off my hips/waist/bust and I'll be freakin' hysterical.

    Meanwhile, my younger cat - Max, The Tabby Terror - is doing his best to climb my bookshelves like the north side of the Eiger. It's impossible to keep anything tidy around this graceless feline - either he falls on it, pulls it off the shelf, or kicks it over when he launches off it. Madness.

    Current Music: Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
    Oh, I couldn't resist... these things are so much fun.

    I'm Desire!
    Which Member of the Endless Are You?
    When Short of Inspiration...

    ...plagarize ideas from other journals. Hey, I'm trying to introduce myself, here!

    I shamelessly stole this off Superdiva. Kudos all 'round.

    Time check, please: 10:38PM
    How long have you been awake?: twelve and a half hours
    What color is your shirt?: black
    Nail polish?: none
    If train A is going 60 mph and Train B is going 140 mph and I'm already twenty minutes late, which one will I end up getting on?: Train B, definitely
    What are your feelings on OTown?: Beg pardon?

    THINGS --
    The last thing someone said to you: "Do you want to watch this with me?" - from my husband as he sat down to watch WWF.
    The last movie you saw: Moulin Rouge
    The last gift you bought: a wax seal of Kocapeli for my husband.
    The last gift you received: A candy bar from my husband
    The last song you heard: Blood Makes Noise, by Suzanne Vega
    The last pair of shoes you bought: black sneakers from Payless
    The last thing you ate: Chicken kurma from the local Indian joint
    The last person you were angry with: I've been mildly vexed at my hubby for a few days. Blitheringly furious at "Sally", a gamer of my acquaintance.

    Your favorite red food: beets. Wait, those are purple. Do radishes count? They're red on the outside. Failing that, ummmm, cherries.
    Your favorite curse: Bloody!
    Your favorite fairy tale: Red Riding Hood - the grownup version
    Your favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor: Cherry Garcia
    Your favorite month: April
    Your favorite board game: Scrabble
    Your favorite fashion trend of the 80s: those little plastic bracelets that we all wore 2 dozen of on each arm. I admired punk, but was too young and too cowardly to indulge...
    Your favorite song lyric: and when summer gets to me / and sets the sex on fire / my body is an ocean / of twisted white debris - S.E.X. - Adam and The Ants
    Your least favorite shade of blue: sky blue
    Your least favorite NSync song: Fortunately, I know so little about this band that I can't answer that question.
    Your least favorite Real World season: Umm, can I say "San Francisco" since I auditioned and they turned me down?
    Your least favorite movie theater snack: those godawful hotdogs that seem to be on the grill for weeks at a time.
    Your least favorite holiday: Groundhog Day - pointless! Pointless! Pointless!
    Your least favorite Brady: I can only choose one? Marsha.
    Your least favorite store in a typical mall: anything selling teeny-tank tops, super-lo pants and shirts that say "Girl Power!" why not sell how-to guides for anorexia while you're at it?
    Your least favorite cartoon character: Huckleberry Hound

    carrot: orange
    math: boredom
    champagne: love
    JC: comics
    candy: sugar
    Justin: time
    home: heart
    water: lake
    Lance: knight
    ghost: trap
    nail: hand
    five: dime
    beatbox: smack!
    Joey: Chandler
    balloon: red
    school: horse
    dark: quiet
    name: core
    Wade: boot
    love: hate
    volume: mass
    theater: fun
    Chris: pop
    jump: start

    Current Mood: silly
    Current Music: Adam And the Ants - Dirk Wears White Sox

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