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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002

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    Had one of those 'subconcious rummaging through unfinished issues' dreams this morning...

    I was sitting by the beach in Santa Barbara, talking to a friend of mine who I haven't seen since high school. I've tried to contact this guy - in waking life - and I know for a fact that I've got a valid phone number for him. Once a year or so, I would leave a message on his v-mail, but he never bothered to respond, so I gave up, eventually. This pisses me off.

    Anyways, me and this friend are on the beach at Santa Barbara. I've stumbled across him at a coffee shop, and we're chatting while I watch the surf pound a shingle beach which bears a startling resemblance to several tons of beer nuts.

    The friend is telling me that he works at a government lab now - fitting, given his degrees from CalTech - but he's trying to subtly sabotage some Nasty Weapon project that he's working on. I'm not too perturbed by this, I'm more perturbed by the fact that he won't commit to joining me later for a cup of coffee. I know that if I let him out of my sight, I won't see him again. I nag him, under the guise of teasing, but it just rolls off his back, which frustrates me further.

    I realize that it's been a long time since I've visited the beach in general, and Santa Barbara in particular (nearly 18 years, in fact, in regards to SB) and I wonder if I might have more luck reasoning with the surf, rather than this former friend.

    When my subconscious wants to kick my ass about something, I dream about the sea. What do I do now?

    Current Mood: irritated

    It's free-admission-day at the SF MoMA, and my brain is rusting shut. I'm going to dust off my Culture Hat and go to the museum. There's an exhibition or two going on that might pique my interest - particularly "Matisse and Beyond: A Century of Modernism"

    Feel free to join me. ;)

    Current Mood: mischievous
    Home again, home again....

    The museum was fun, although done at a bit of a breakneck pace. Never invite an ADD-afflicted friend with a sprained toe to come to the museum with you.

    The only exhibit that really caught my eye was the "Matisse and Beyond" - in addition to Matisse, they had several good Lichensteins, a nice little Miro and a Dali that was - unsurprisingly - eye catching. I'm starting to suspect that Warhol's National Velvet is following me around. I think I've seen it in three different museums in three different states...

    I was going to toddle over to Union Square, or maybe Chinatown, but I changed my mind and went to the pedestrian pier - between Piers 5 and 6. The shore end was covered with skater-rats, gleefully ignoring the 'No Skateboarding' signs, but the far end of the pier was reasonably quiet. The constant yet restrained motion of the Bay's waters were quite soothing.

    I went home and worked out. I think I've managed to cramp my obliques. I hate crunches.

    Current Mood: sore
    Current Music: Dragging Me Down - Inspiral Carpets

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