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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2002

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    White Noise

    It's going to be a low-key day around here. I'm doing paperwork and the Tabby Terror is tearing up the house.

    More bulletins as events warrant.

    Current Mood: blah

    Remind me again why I volunteered to spend several mind-numbing hours every week doing paperwork for a role-playing game?

    Actually, I like the game, I really do - just not immediately after three hours' wading through 18 poorly filled-out forms detailing what the little dears want to do in the next two weeks.

    Worse yet, I've got another half-dozen to go...

    I think I'll go lift weights, instead.

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: "Rag Doll" - Aerosmith

    It's a times like these - listening to my confrontational-phobic buddy M2 talk about not having talked to his g/f for two days following a spat and how stressful that has been for him - that I tend to be burdened by two realizations.

    1) I'm exceedingly glad I've outgrown most of this bullshit.
    2) How come I haven't outgrown the rest of it, yet?

    Still, M2 in particular has dug/is digging/forever will dig his own grave. He runs away from confrontation and is - according to my own observation - far too self-centered and introverted to handle a full-blown relationship. The times he isn't being selfish and clueless, he's being a total doormat to 'friends' who take advantage of him. Honestly, he doesn't need a girlfriend. He needs a fuckbuddy who will have fun with him when he's in the mood, and will otherwise go away and demand no emotional support whatsoever.

    Ugly, but true.

    But, he's not my significant other, so I'm not going to lie awake worrying about him... I'll make sympathetic noises as appropriate, and that's all.

    Current Mood: cynical
    Current Music: Nine Objects of Desire - Suzanne Vega

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