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Friday, April 5th, 2002

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    Another Day...

    Blast! I screwed up my dates and missed the procession to the lying in state of the Queen Mother. I thought it was 2:30AM on Saturday morning, not Friday. Bah. Still, I'll be setting my alarm clock for 2:30AM Tuesday to watch the funeral itself. I'm not much of a royalist - although the death of the Princess of Wales shocked me strangely - everyone liked the Queen Mum. I'm just a sentimentalist at heart, me.

    Some enjoyable moments, to break up the relentless bitchiness of the past couple of days...

    I briefly IM'd with Stresskitten last night, and that was quite pleasant. There is talk of meeting for a cup of coffee and chatting in RL. I'm all for meeting new people - particularly if they're acquaintances made outside of gaming. I love gamers, I do, but I know an awful lot of them...

    I also re-established contact with an old high-school buddy - Fuschia - who is also keeping a livejournal. I'm not terribly surprised to see that we still have many interests in common...

    So I guess this little investment of time has paid for itself. I'm happy about that.

    But no word from the long-lost acquaintance of Tuesday. Big surprise.

    I'm also happy in that it looks like I'll have a job interview next week. Unfortunately, it's doing the exact same thing I did for the past year - supporting an investment bank - but at this point, I can't be fussy. As long as they offer me $40K or better, I'll seize it with both hands. I can't be fussy any more.

    Lunch with Logan today, before the Star Wars game (gonna shoot me some stormtroopers!) and that will be luvly. But that also means I won't be nattering away over here, very much.

    Current Mood: contemplative
    Current Music: "I'll Fly Away" - Nicole Kidman, Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
    I'm addicted... these little quizzes
    You are Carl Sandburg
    You see the world in a different way than your peers and are able to find beauty in the most unusual places!

    Well, it was that or Sylvia Plath. I preferred Carl Sandburg... I'm just not that into suicide, most days...

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