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Tuesday, April 9th, 2002

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    ...I wanted to write this at 5AM, but I was just too tired. Still am, really.

    I got up at 2:15AM to watch the Queen Mother's funeral. I'm glad I did but I'm totally shattered, now - physically, more than emotionally. It was a very good service - although I'm not entirely sure how to react to the Archbishop of Canterbury's eulogy - and I got misty-eyed only a couple of times... At one point, the Prince of Wales started to fall apart, and that was...moderately awful. One is too used to seeing the royals in total control, y'know?

    My Tabby Terror has proven himself an anti-monarchist. He was an absolute pest for almost two hours - tearing through the living room, having a catfit, pouncing on me - and it drove me spare trying to keep him quiet so that he wouldn't wake up Alex...

    I've got an interview to get ready and go to in three hours and the realization that I'm going to have to shave my legs and the skirt I'm going to wear isn't entirely apt because I can't find the pants I really should wear because they look so uber-professional... And when the hell am I going to do my workout? After the interview, I have to stop by my parents' house (cat-sitting) and then pick up my mom from the airport and I won't be back until close to 11PM. I'll have to do it now, I guess.

    It wouldn't be so vexing, but I slept terribly from 5 to 9, and - of course - I'm all jumpy about an interview for a job I don't really want, anyways...

    Current Mood: anxious
    The interview went well enough, I think. For a boring-old-finance biz, the people seem enthusiastic and keen on what they're doing, which is something, I suppose.

    I need not have worried about what I wore. I think I nailed it just right - although I wish I had remembered about my green dress-and-jacket ensemble (which would have been more suitable) before I left the damn house. Still, at least I didn't show up in jeans, as the other candidate did.

    I'm not sure how well I went over. I don't know if I told them enough about myself, or too much, or if I was too chummy - I get a bit overexcited at these things, you see... Whatever the outcome, I'm supposed to know by early next week, at the latest.

    As a reward, I went out and bought myself two Lauren Henderson books from Stacey's: Black Rubber Dress and Freeze My Margaritas as a treat for at least not totally blowing the interview. I'm getting the hang of rewarding myself with something other than food, you see - my first impulse was to go right into See's Candies... *sigh*

    I'm glad I took Stress Kitten's reccomendation about Ms. Henderson, as I'm about 40 pages into Black Rubber Dress and really enjoying it. If I'm not careful, I'll end up lifting the main character for my Vampire game, and - superficial fun-ness aside, she really wouldn't fit...

    Susan's flight has been delayed, but that's okay. It's given Alex and me some time to inhale a bit of dinner...

    Current Mood: chipper
    Current Music: Gone, Daddy Gone - Violent Femmes

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