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Wednesday, April 10th, 2002

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    Which PPG are you?

    It must have been that question about red high-heeled shoes that did it for me...

    Current Music: Moulin Rouge Soundtrack (again!)
    A Fun Afternoon!
    Just got back from coffee - way too much coffee, actually - with Stress Kitten and I had a dam' good time! She's smart, eloquent and we share many interests. In fact, she made me feel rather dumb at times, but I'm sure it wasn't deliberate. ;)

    However, I did realize that I was saying "I used to do this and that..." Five months of unemployment has made me surprisingly insular, I think. Ugh! How did that happen? So I'm somewhat resolved to get off my ass and maybe revive some old hobbies - at least the ones I can do on my computer...

    I'm totally overamped on caffeine and I've just realized that I haven't done my weights for today yet, so I had best go off and take care of that...

    Oh, like that's a surprise...

    Current Mood: bouncy
    I have a sudden, mad craving for a screwdiver. Not the tool, you fool, but a good strong drink. Made with fresh orange juice which contains just enough pulp to assure me that it really is real juice. And good vodka.


    I blame Lauren Henderson for this. Black Rubber Dress has me hankering for naughty behavior. I've got the time and the inclination, but not the financial wherewithal, darnit!

    Current Music: Essex - Alison Moyet
    If you can't get enough of me, you may as well read this - I don't see the point in repeating myself over here...

    Current Mood: pensive
    Current Music: B Side Babies - Adam And The Ants

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