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Thursday, April 11th, 2002

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    Oh Drat...
    My last entry on Irregular Ramblings has got a friend of mine - a devout Christian - pointing out to me that, gosh, adultery is a no-no, etc. Now, I've told her that - essentially - east is east, west is west and ne'er the twain shall meet. But now I'm fretting about having inadvertantly caused her some distress. She's a good woman, and I'm a little worried that now she's going to fret about the likelihood of my going to hell, etc. And I don't want to cause her any distress.

    Maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut on this one... But, darnit, that journal is for me, and it was high-time I started writing out that particular issue.

    Current Mood: worried

    I may look funny, but I?m one of the best penguins under the sun! Yes, that?s right, the sun! I can?t stand hanging around in freezing weather, keep it away! I?m a nice sized bird, about medium weight and height. My population is globaly increasing!

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    I Don't Get It...
    Another Thursday Night Plot Meeting for CAST and I'm sitting in the den again. I'm not sure why, but my energy is just not working with The Guys right now. I feel all prickly and combative. I'm interrupting people - most particularly Alex - and generally being a twit.

    So I have made a tactful retreat into the den.

    Maybe it's another sign of my burnout with this game. But I'm baffled by it. I like this game, I want to help it. But every time I try to focus on it, I get balky. Maybe it's a manifestion of ill-buried guilt feelings for playing silly games when I should be spending my every waking moment looking for work - rather than just staring at the phone like I have been for the past two days.

    I tell a lie. I haven't just been staring at the phone. I've also been obsessively counting calories. It's long since gotten boring, but if I didn't do it, I would feel much worse - the "Fat Lazy Pig" stick is much bigger than the "Fussy Obsessive" stick...

    Current Mood: grumpy
    Current Music: Austin Powers - Soundtrack
    Another One I Couldn't Resist...

    What's your FOTR slash pairing?

    Thanks, M.

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