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Friday, April 12th, 2002

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    I didn't get offered the job. It seems my amazing interview skills have let me down.

    I think I'll go sulk now.

    Current Mood: angry
    Little Synchronicities
    Well, whaddya know, I just added mr. puzuzu's website on to my IE Faves list, and he pops up on my friends list. What can I do, but return the favor?

    Give it a few minutes before you visit the site, though. Tripod are being evil and saying he's gone over their bandwidth allowance. I got sick of Tripod pulling that on me when I clearly hadn't exceeded bandwidth - even by their own counters - so I pulled up stakes and set up on a shared server.

    **start rampant plug**

    For no-frills webhosting, I highly reccomend They're pagan/gamer/alternative lifestyle friendly in their content policy and they offer very affordable -domain hosting. Accounts start at $5/month for 100MB and 1 POP3 alias.

    **end advertisment**

    Lifted weights and did a heinous amount of crunches, so I'm feeling slightly less sulky. I will probably walk to the BART station this afternoon (about a mile) to work off further aggression - although not if I'm wearing silly shoes. I'm feeling the urge to revive the Friday-goth concept, and who's going to notice at a Heather Alexander concert? Don't worry, gaaneden, I'm not wearing a corset...

    It's also hard to be sulky with a cute tabby cat sacked out on one's lap...
    Being Silly...
    On the age-old premise that dressing silly and going out will cheer one up, I shall be wearing this out tonight. With this jacket, if you're very curious. And a Badtz-Maru backpack - so it's Asian kitsch all 'round.

    Note the incredibly stylish stripey-tights. That's what makes it silly. ;)

    Current Mood: determinedly silly
    Current Music: Moulin Rouge Soundtrack (must rip more MP3s...)

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