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Sunday, April 14th, 2002

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    Tired, Tired, Tired
    Got home from CAST at 2:30AM. It seems like the players had a good time, so I'm satifisfied. However, I didn't appreciate MaxCat freaking out every twenty minutes until about 5AM. At one point, he even managed to do something very noisy involving the vertical blinds in the bedroom. I've never seen a cat managed to actually rack 'em closed just by grabbing the drawstring and running with it. Alex and I were going out of minds from fatigue, and the Tabby Terror was having an ongoing catfit until dawn - not a happy combination.

    Incidentally, I wore same dress as I did on Friday (the green power suit was dirty) but with some knee-high bitch-boots just because it's, y'know, Trish. Heh. Still The Prettiest - actually, not true with that crowd but, heck, I still felt good.

    Must do state taxes today, blurgh. I would have done them ages ago, but there's a paperwork FUBAR in Alex's tax history that almost guarantees our refund will be delayed and/or reduced - even though the state has admitted their mistake... It's a long story, involving pointless bureaucracy and various other things...

    Current Mood: sleepy
    Have I mentioned how much I hate crunches? Particularly when it's gorgeously sunny outside, and the house is heating up like an oven? I have mentioned that we don't have a/c, right?

    The things I do in pursuit of a flatter stomach...

    Current Mood: sore
    Nothing like having to break into your own house to liven up a Sunday evening. And after he used to tell me off all those times I couldn't find my keys... Mind you, if I had brought my keys this time, the B&E wouldn't have been necessary...
    Given my recent turn of thoughts, this is hardly a surprise...

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