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Tuesday, April 16th, 2002

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    Another Day, Another Batch of Silly Tests...
    This is all my husband's fault.

    And I think the fact that he came up as Tony Blair on the What Dictator Are You? test is hilarious....

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    Misery Loves Company... I'm off to Stress Kitten's for the afternoon. She's going to glare at her computer whilst working on her thesis, and I'm going to glare at mine whilst working on CAST stuff.

    Talk about different priorities....
    After forgetting to do my workout in any kind of timely manner, today, I declared it an 'off day' from the diet and promptly stuffed myself stupid with lots of garlic bread (Trader Joe's - yummy and organic!) and a bottle of beer.

    And chocolate. Let's not forget the chocolate.

    Ironically, I'm still coming in at only 1400 calories for the day, but the fat-intake would turn your hair white...

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    Yet More of the Little Blighters
    More silly tests... )

    I was going to ramble on about something here, but ramblings belong in their proper place

    No, it's not about bisexuality, this time. ;)

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