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Wednesday, April 17th, 2002

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    I just had to deal with a pop-up ad that scrolled up my screen just quickly enough to make it dam' tricky to click closed. The bloody thing wouldn't hold still.


    Okay, I feel much better now....

    Current Mood: aggravated

    My mom asked me to "come over for a while" in order to help her pick up some plants at the nursery. I didn't realize this also included going to a few other stores, and then sort-of helping in the actual planting back at the house. I say 'sort of' because I don't know which end of the plant to bung into the soil. My assistance was mostly limited to lugging big bags of dirt hither and yon. That's about my speed.

    But, oh man, did those herbs smell good. Susan was a little disconcerted by my chortlings over the basil. I was telling it how much I will be enjoying its tender little leaves in a few weeks' time, preferably in my mom's killer basil-vinegarette, on top of freshly-picked tomatoes. She says such sentiments will alarm the plants. I say such sentiments make plants like basil feel validated and useful. How else could a herb feel validated.

    As I inhaled the heady bouquet of basil, tarragon and oregano, I said something like "Forget all that new-agey stuff, I need aromatherapy with this stuff in it!" *pause* "I guess that would be Italian food, wouldn't it?"

    But we're going out for steak, instead. Still, steak is tasty, particularly if I'm not paying for it...

    Thanks to MrP (love that user graphic!) and gaaneden for the words o'moral support last night...

    Current Mood: cheerful

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