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Thursday, April 18th, 2002

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    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Just got a call from a small video production company in San Francisco. They saw my resume on Craig's List - which I posted about fifteen minutes ago. Tomorrow, I'll be interviewing for an office manager/mother hen position. I understand what these guys do, it actually seems pretty neat and they've got a lot of work to be done - they're moving their office, they want to hire some more production staff and their Executive Director, Joe, needs someone to tell him if he's coming or going, etc...

    Sure, it's the usual work, but lots of it and in an environment that I might actually - shock horror - like.

    So, spin the prayer wheels for me, kids!

    Current Mood: hopeful


    Aww, ain't I got nice friends, sending me all those happy thoughts?

    After taking a 48 hour break from exercising - inadvertant but a break all the same - I finally picked up the weights again today. Ouch! In some ways, I think the break did me good, though. I was more flexible than usual and just felt better throughout. Phew!

    Now I need to find a lo-cost dentist - or a job with dental coverage, fast! It seems one of my wisdom teeth is coming through. This won't end well, I'm sure...
    I want a cup of coffee. Actually, I want a sizable latte, but there are two impediments in my way.

    1) I don't own an espresso machine
    2) The nearest coffee shop is a 30 minute walk away.

    Now, usually, I wouldn't mind hiking into downtown on such a flimsy pretext - as such ventures often expand into browsing the local bookshops, etc. But the weather is looking iffy. It's lovely when the sun is out and the air is still, but a chilly wind keeps insisting upon dragging clouds across Mr. Key Light (sorry, old film school phrase) so the weather isn't precisely ideal for sitting outside, sipping overpriced beverages and thoughtfully perusing a volume of Victorian erotica. The whole mise-en-scene is just ruined if one is hunching over one's coffee, and shivering...

    Current Mood: bored
    Max has convinced me that I should stay home and have a cup of tea, instead.

    It's amazing how ten pounds of purring tabby-cat on one's lap can impact one's train of thought...

    Current Mood: content
    The Road To Hell... paved with good intentions. And that 600 calorie sandwich I just had for dinner... All the crunches in the world can't help me if I keep forgetting to tell the diner to hold the cheese and not grill the bread in my chicken sandwich...

    Contrary to my lofty aspirations, I haven't given any thought to the Non-Gaming Writing Project (NGWP) this week. I'm feeling terribly hesistant about how and where to start. I'm afraid that if I rush into things foolishly, the nascent idea will crack and shatter into dust. Fortunately, my nascent protagonist isn't nearly so fragile. In my latest fit of dithering, I received a clear vision of her sitting bonelessly in a chair and telling me that she's in no rush, either - but I can drop the dithering attitude. So I suddenly have a clear idea of her looks and attitude, at least.

    Now if she would just tell me her name.

    I have to be careful with her. I know there's going to be a broad aspect of Avatar in this woman - it's unavoidable at this point. But I should be able to file off the more tale-telling serial numbers, I think. I used to be so annoyed by authors like Robert Parker and Patricia Cornwell, who wrote about characters who were so clearly idealized versions of themselves - clear down to physical appearance - but I'm a bit more sympathetic, now.

    I think what I need to do now is get The Big Girl's Book Of Writing Murder Mystery. I've got the beginning of a character, a setting and the first and last pages of the mystery, itself. Now I just need to figure the rest out.

    Every novel was once a bunch of random thoughts. I just have to get past the intimdation. What was that saying? Writing is easy. All you have to do is stare at a piece of paper until your forehead bleeds...

    What do I wear for an interview at a video/audio production house? The boss swallowed his tongue in surprise when I asked about a dress code, so I know I don't have to worry about under-dressing... Maybe my Edwardian walking skirt and a black turtleneck and my long boots. Sorta boho, sorta retro, but still smart and neat...

    And I wouldn't have to shave my legs...

    Current Mood: creative
    Current Music: The Boy From Ipanema - Diana Krall and Rosemary Clooney

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