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Saturday, April 20th, 2002

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    ***smug I have a job dance***

    (Well, I have 95% of the job, and that's good enough for me, right now)

    Just had to do it, sorry.

    (Okay, I'm not sorry at all)

    Alex has virtuously agreed to forgo the Saturday-traditional heart-stopping breakfast. We usually go to the local diner every Saturday, which has about three things on the menu I can eat without guilt, and I'm getting sick of all three of 'em. Instead, however, Alex wants us to go to our favorite heart-stopping deli in Walnut Creek, for lunch... Still, my diet stands a better chance there - as long as I remember to leave off the mayo and cheese. Sigh, why does cheese have to be so tasty?

    Other than that, I want to do some running around before we head off to Bob's for Howard's SW game. I want to stop by B&N to look for a couple of books - I was utterly aghast yesterday when the venerablel Stacey's failed to have the titles I sought - and I want to hit the used-sports-gear place for a set of 7 or 8lb dumbbells, and maybe price out a used weight bench. I can't afford one right now, but maybe once I'm working and I've caught up on bills...

    The other thing I've got my eye on, fairly soon, is a celphone. More and more often, I find myself needing one of the dratted things. Alas, my cel-credit reads like a car wreck - the legacy of being roped into, and then fighting, a crummy deal with Cellular One - so I'm going to have to go with a pre-paird service. But they only ever offer godawful phones bundled with those plans. And I want a nice, shiny, gets-a-signal-on-the-dark-side-of-the-moon PCS phone. We all know that means... I'll have to pay the full cost of a nice phone, up front, and then pick up a pre-paid plan, seperatelly. And those nice phones ain't cheap. If I time things right, I can shop on/near Memorial Day Weekend, and hope for a sale...

    Must go wake up husband, now...

    Current Mood: chipper
    It's hard to believe that this sleepy pile o'tabby cat on my lap was, only five minutes ago, gnawing on my arm like it was covered in steak sauce...
    Pinched this from StressKitten...
    ...who pinched it from melymbrosia, who might have pinched it from someone else. You know how it is on LJ...

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