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Sunday, April 21st, 2002

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    After being in a lethargic and/or foul mood for most of the afternoon, the evening went well enough. The game at Bob's was challenging and enjoyable, although I wish I could have done more. I have to go faceplant on my bed now, before I do it onto the keyboard...

    One more thing: this site is ne-plus-ultra nifty!
    Gorgeous Day
    It looks like it's shaping up to be another lovely day in the Bay Area - sunny with just enough breeze to keep it cool enough to remind us that it's still only April. Gorgeous!

    So, of course, I'm thinking of spending it in the mall.

    I can't believe that I've been to three good-sized bookstores, and I still can't find a decent Big Girls' Book of Writing Murder Mystery. I would much rather buy from a brick-and-mortar bookseller- even a humongous chain like B&N, but I don't want to go through the rigamarole of ordering a book and then waiting...and waiting... Immediate-gratification types such as myself don't wait well for anything. I'm going to try Waldenbooks at the mall today, but if that doesn't pan out, I'll have to resort to Amazon...

    ...And I can't find a reasonably-priced (ie, used) weight bench, either. Thbbt. But that's not (ahem) weighing so heavily on my mind right now...
    Going out has been temporarily waylaid by the presence of an incredibly cute - and very asleep - tabby cat in my lap. I don't know why, but when cats curl up and hide their face with their paws, I just collapse into a puddle of squealing mushiness.

    I wish I could concentrate on anything half as well as that cat concentrates on sleeping...

    Take the What High School
    Stereotype Are You?
    quiz, by Angel.

    No great surprise there. I didn't really discover black fabric and cynicism until college...

    Got myself some lovely treats at Body Shop and I'm off to pamper myself in the bath...

    I take two lousy days off from my weight routine and getting back into it nearly kills me. I guess this mountain is still working on getting to Mohammed.

    I can only shudder to think what it will be like when I have to resume waking up at 6AM and actually working for a living...

    Current Mood: tired

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