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Friday, April 26th, 2002

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    And still...
    Chaos and mayhem continue. I shall resurface on Sunday.
    Coming up for air
    A momentary lull. I mean, who really needs sleep, anyways?

    How come I get to work a fifteen hour day tomorrow, and my husband gets the chance to hob-nob with rock stars at a music awards show...?

    No, I'm not bitter. *maniacal grin* But I might go crazy if I don't get Sunday off...

    On a happier note, Pet Shop Boys tix go on sale on Sunday! $50 apiece for the floor, but I'm going, regardless. Their show in '00 kicked much ass, and I'm glad they didn't allow another nine-year-lag between tours, this time...

    Gotta go and get some sleep before the never-ending day begins....

    Who's your Fellowship fella?

    Tall, dark, and RUGGEDLY handsome!

    And so to bed, and hoping for some pleasant dreams... *leer*

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