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Wednesday, March 27th, 2002

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              Okay, so I sort of set this up, accidentally. Ironic, because I actually have an online journal already. Take a look at this if you're curious.

              As it is, well, I'm using my real name - sort of - and RL links, so I can hardly use this as an anonymous area. Besides, I tried that once, and I got into all sorts of trouble, once my husband stumbled across the (always clear your cache, kids!). But, for the moment, this venue is relatively anonymous, so maybe I'll use it from time to time to vent about matters that are too trivial or too controversial for the other page.

              So, it's going to be kind of hit or miss around here.

    Cleaning and other moments of futility
          How come whenever I clean one room, two others end up jammed full of crap?

          Today, I'm working on my sewing room, which means stuff is being dumped into the guest room. I'm really trying my best to throw things out - bags of scraps, projects I'll never finish, etc - so that I'm not just 'rearranging the piles', but it's tough.

          Housecleaning in general is tough because a) I'm lazy and b) I'm married to a pack-rat who has a very difficult time parting with anything. I can understand the need for sentiment, as I'm a sentimentalist myself. But two people should have plenty of room in a four-bedroom house, even one without a garage - that traditional dropping off place for random junk. But, as it is, we are surrounded by storage boxes - mostly containing books (which I agree are a sin to throw away) and my husband's extensive collection of comics, entertainment magazines and Playboys. I don't really mind the latter, as my husband tries manfully not to say anything when I come home from the bookstore with a load of erotica, but I digress...

          I'm surrounded by stuff! Every time I try to be all Thoreau-esque and 'simplify, simplify', the remaining stuff seems to multiply and fill up all remaining space. Maybe it's just relaxing after being cooped up for so many months. I don't know, but it's driving me spare...

          I never thought I would be stony broke, but possessing too much stuff - yet here I am. I would enjoy the irony, but I've got to get back to sorting patterns...

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