I Will Always Be Here

The end of the world is coming. I don't know why, and yet I feel responsible for it. The world had fallen gray and dank, and no-one is here anymore - just me. Towns and streets are empty.

I run through my seaside town, and the streets are deserted. Everyone has long gone. I'm the last one here. Why I stuck around, I don't know. The sky grows darker. The tide is already higher than normal, and the surf swirls around my ankles over the blacktop. Yet I still think that I'll survive.

I run into a neighborhood I know, and I feel changed yet familiar. I'm not myself, yet I am. I'm an older man, fighting middle age - but I'm still myself... some things are unchanged. I look to my right, and see surf boiling towards me - when I know the shore is behind me. This tidal wave is approaching in a direction perpendicular to the ocean and I know that all natural laws are suspended and the end is really here.

I find a phone and call my wife (Me? Not me? it's not clear.) The phone is working and I manage to make a connection as I see the wall of water coming towards me. I  know I don't have much time.

"I know you might have had reason to doubt me but... the world exists for many reasons... One of them was for me to love you. I was put on this world to love you. This world was made to give me something to stand on while I loved you. I always will. I'm sorry I'm going to die without you but... know that I love you, and that my knowledge of your love for me means that I won't die alone. I'll wait for you, wherever I am."

***I woke up with tears in my eyes***

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