Losing on a Train

I'm riding a train to school - it resembles the BART commute train, but as time passes, it transforms into something closer to an old British Railway carriage, which is fitting as I believe I am heading towards the University of Sussex.

The train is crowded, so I'm standing and reading a book we jounce over the tracks. As the train pulls up two stations away from the terminus at the unversity campus, I notice a pile of items on the floor of the carriage, near my feet. I recognize a battered grey overcoat of Alex's, and an art-portfolio that is his, as well as a few other small items - mostly props we've used in LARPs. I realize that Alex rides this train quite often, and he must have left these things behind from his last journey. I'm surprised that no-one has stolen them, or taken them to a lost-and-found office, but relieved, also.

My only bag is rather small, but I use Alex's coat as a bundle, and his portfolio to carry some of the smaller items, and I'm able to reduce the haphazard pile to something portable, if not graceful by the time I pull into my station. I decide that once I get on campus, I can store these things in my locker, and ask Alex to swing my on his way home from work.

But the bundles are awkward and hard to carry. I foresee a tough trek across campus, and I'm already running late. Just as I'm about to step off the train, two of my friends - Lisa and Emily - get on, on their way home from a morning class. Seizing the opportunity, I ask Lisa to take Alex's things back to her place, and we'll pick them up soon. To my relief, she agrees.

As I'm rooting through my overstuffed bag, trying to pull out some of the extraneous items to give to Lisa, I realize that not only can I not remember what class I'm supposed to go to, but I have forgotten and lost my entire school schedule. Fortunately, I find a much worn, nigh-illegible copy of it at the bottom of my bag, and I jump off the train - just before it pulls out - and head off to class, relieved and unburdened.




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