In England on A Boat

I'm visiting my friend Jennifer, who is now living in England, near the neighborhood in Brighton where I grew up. Her house is modest, but pleasant, and still full of unpacked moving boxes, as she has only recently arrived and hasn't finished unpacking yet. I'm happy to have the chance to be visiting Brighton and my friend, and I tell Jennifer to take a break from packing for a bit and I'll take her on a tour of the area. She likes the idea, and offers to loan me her camera, since I've forgotten mine.

Just as we're getting ready to go several other visitors arrive - some of them seem to be co-workers from vivid - and Jennifer decides that she needs to stay and keep unpacking supplies. Apparently these are long term visitors, and Jennifer has bought a lot of groceries and preserved food that should be put out for them. Since I'm not in any particular rush, I make an offer to help, which is gratefully accepted.

Some of the food Jennifer has bought is rather odd - things I wouldn't expect her to like - and I get into a longer-than-needed discussion with Brian S. about the different names for tiny pickles (gherkins, cornichons, etc), which Jennifer finds rather amusing.

Looking around, I realize the scene has changed somewhat, and we are now on a yacht, which is why Jennifer is laying in so many long-term foodstuffs. We're currently sailing away from the Brighton Marina, on our way to France. I'm a little surprised by this, but don't see any polite way to tell Jennifer I hadn't anticipated this, nor did I particularly want to go to France, so I keep my mouth shut and smile sweetly. The crew of the boat seems to be compromised of surly Mediterranean men, intent on eating as much as possible - hence the extensive supplies.