Clumsy Gratification

I'm not too proud of this one, but I promised myself I would be honest....But, I'm a little pressed for time, today, so I'll keep it brief

I was running the second game for Aragon, on a high school campus. The game was going very well and I was very pleased with how the characters had turned out, but I had decided it was time to give them a taste of a true Camarilla Prince, as played by me.

I had allowed a player that I don't have a good opinon of into the game, and had deliberately set him up as a sacrificial lamb. His character was under-informed, and I had done nothing to warn him of the danger he was in, because I didn't like him. I let him blunder into a dangerous situation and once he had done so - he fed in the Prince's feeding grounds - I promptly hung him out to dry, in the middle of full court.

I enjoyed playing a hard-line prince, and I particularly enjoyed watching that player's face as he realized that his character was doomed - just about the same time the rest of the court turned to look at him very speculatively as I declared a blood-hunt upon him. I felt like he was getting his just deserts - in and out of character....Fade




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