Cabinieri and Conveyors

I'm at home, snuggled up in bed, and Sam is in the shower. Sam is a man who I am attempting to have an affair with, but circumstances keep getting in the way. Because of our schedules - and my husband's - Sam can only visit in the morning, after Alex leaves for work at 5:30AM and before I have to head out at 7:30. During all of his past visits, we have talked about our relationship, but that's all.

My lust for Sam is a distracted, distant thing, and has cooled since our initial meeting. At this point, I feel obligated to follow through with a promise made, despite how my feelings have changed. He's about to leave - once again, we've talked our time away - and I write him a card. It's some sort of Hallmark-type card, blank inside, and I write a message to the effect of "I'm very fond of you, and I hope we have sex soon." - I've never been too good with romantic nothings and I wanted to something nice.

After Sam leaves with the card, I realize that I've given up something that could blackmail me, and I start to worry if perhaps that was Sam's intention the entire time. With that in mind, I get up and go to work.

'Work' turns out to be as a member of the Italian Police Force - the Cabinieri - in a small, mountainous town in Northern Italy (that's a hell of a commute). The majority of the force is in this town today because there is some event happening that's expected to draw thousands of people, and possibly cause riots. The town is sparsely populated, and spread over several mountain slopes, accessed by twisted roads.

Moving around the town, especially through thick crowds, will be very hard for the police, so a strange conveyer-like system has been installed on the outer edge of the mountain roads. The conveyer consists of white-enamelled metal grids, on a belt, that circle the town and follow the major roads. The police - and only the police - are to ride this conveyer around, bypassing the crowds and reaching trouble spots more quickly. I don't like the look of it, myself, as it seems rather rickety and I notice that a few of the metal grids have already fallen. I decide to take my chances with the crowds.

During this prepartion, my boss - an aging, potbellied man - calls for a meeting and reminds us that we are still looking for a wanted criminal. He's a murderer, a thief and a swindler - and has been seen in this area. The police suspect he may try to take advantage of the day's confusion and are on the alert for him. My boss also unveils a new police sketch of this wanted man, and I realize that he's Sam. In that moment, I know that Sam has been trying to foster a relationship with me so he can learn what the police are doing to try to capture him - and that he will use my card to blackmail me, if he has to. As the day's festivities begin, I'm left worrying about what to do...




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