Placating The Windstorm

I'm at home, and there is a windstorm howling around my apartment building. Alex comes in - is blown in - and just barely manages to close the door behind him. He finds me sitting on the sofa, absolutely terrified of the storm. He knows I'm a little nervous in extreme weather - and he's been very nervous of tornadoes since his Kansas days - but the truth behind my fear is more than that.

Alex notices that the cat, Tigger, is missing. He asks about it and I blurt out that I've given him to the storm.
        "What?" he splutters.
        "I've given Tigger to the storm. I had to. I had to placate it." I'm babbling at this point, almost hysterical, as the wind's strength grows and the building shudders. "The wind hates me." I explain. "It always has. Every few years I have to give it...something, or else it'll destroy me."
        "Don't be foolish." Alex tells me, the voice of reason.
        "I'm not!" I insist. "I can prove it.".

I go to the front door, commenting that Alex was able to shut it after he entered the apartment, but if I try to fight the wind, it will not let me win. I pull the door open, and the wind howls throughout the room. I push against the door with all my might, trying to close it, but the wind increases even further and the door doesn't budge. Alex leans against it as well, to no avail. But the moment I step away, the wind lessens and Alex manages to close the door.

By now, I am frightened that the windows are going to shatter, and I retreat to our window-less bathroom. "See? The wind hates me, and it wanted something, a sacrifice. So I gave it Tigger." I admit, shamefully. Alex is aghast. "Usually something like that will make it leave, but not this time. I don't know why."

Alex gives me a long, steady look - he's not quite sure what to believe, but my story is not high on the list. "What's really going on?" he asks.

I can feel tears threatening and I try to hold them back. "I think I'm having a breakdown." I whisper, relieved by the admission. "It's all coming apart.". I really hope that this is true, as a nervous breakdown would be a lot easier to manage than the truth I believe.

Alex seems to find this much more likely. "What can I do?"

I sigh, and swallow another threatened sob. "I don't know...take me to the hospital, I guess. Have me committed until I can get past this." My fear, momentarily forgotten, returns. "But the wind won't let me go!" I cry. "How can I get better if the wind won't let me?".





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