The Situation

This site is the journal formerly known as Irregular Ramblings. If you are looking for those archives, they're right here.

Now, on to Yestermonth. It's very simple, actually. I enjoy keeping a journal, but there are pitfalls to updating as-things-happen. Particularly when dealing with the more negative emotions. This is my own little world, and I want the freedom to bitch and moan about things, knowing full well that they probably won't mater a week later.

However, I've discovered that posting such bitching and railings as they occur to me, well, they just put fat on the fire, particularly if other people are involved.

My solution: a time-delayed journal. I will write whatever the hell I want to write, but then put the entry aside for one month before it goes online Call it time travel on the cheap if you will. In fact, that's almost what I called this journal. But Yestermonth sounds much more interesting, and thanks to hitchhiker for the name.

And that's why Current is in quotation marks on the front page. It's a relative term, you see.

If you want to know what's going on in my life right now - albeit on a more trivial scale - follow the link Fast Forward to visit my LiveJournal.

Otherwise, enjoy your visit to the recent past.

Who I Am, And Other Essential Details

English expatriate living in California. Geekgrrl. Given to brooding. Fond of cats and other cute fuzzy animals like my husband. The rest may be learned via Rough Cut.