April 5th

Bond poses as an antique/curio dealer with high class polish, but down on his luck, looking for bargains to save his bacon and willing to consider something unethical. Get him up the chain of command to Wu's vicinity, if not actual presence.

LDE is currently dealing in genuine items, with drugs currently hidden within (one mediocre bronze is worth a lot less than the pure smack concealed in its base) but they're moving into creating entirely fake items out of not much more than pressed-and-shaped heroin. The glaze? Meh, not much more deadly than the drugs, who cares if addicts shoot that up? Bond will learn about this as he maintains his desperate-and-dumb Brit pose.

OG is simply working the smuggling/corruption angle of her potential story. OG is English/English descent, so start working on a silly name.

Wu has two nieces. Twins. Also ludicrously named (but not Bambi and Thumper!), and very nasty pieces of work. Bond will kick their heinies, of course, but it's just the sort of the thing Fleming would have done, and this is an homage.

Amended Progression:
  • Bond arrives in HK, contacts HKPD.
    • Briefing flashback to cover the fact that London's determined that LDE is almost certainly the main (if not only) routing point for the stuff that's finding it's way into higher social circles.
  • B goes to LDE, makes contact with minor functionary, pushes cover story.
  • B departs, obligatory show-the-city/locale bit with HKPD or other secondary character (possibly Brit diiplomat type)
  • B is contacted by more senior lackey at LDE, invited to dine/discuss matters further.
  • B meets Wu and the twins, hints are dropped about sources (smugglers) and other revenue streams (drugs)
    • Photo chem clue?
  • B feigns interest, of course, and departs - needing brief from HKPD
  • HKPD is aghast to realize LDE is a Wu operation ("I would have warned you, had I known." etc). B is undaunted.
  • B goes (returns?) to LDE warehouse later that night, does his investigation, pretty much go as previously planned from there.