January 18th

I threw my darlings a bone yesterday. It's rougher than I usually like the pieces to be - I try to approach even the popcorn stuff relatively seriously - but this really was a case of writing it down to get it the fuck out of my head.

So of course, it was immediately replaced by another, even stupider idea for the same two darlings. Damn.

Actually, I've kicked the idea around and now have the framework of a nice little story that will address an aforementioned loose end. I've even managed to get rid of the desire to do a Bourne Identity-ish crossover. But, for Mungo's sake, I'll include the "godawful joke" that I threatened to you. I think I'm the only person who's going to get it...

Yvette stared at the stranger and struggled to find her voice. "I thought you were just a driver?" she accused.

Have at. Five bonus Cult O'Johanna points if you get the joke.

The remaining framework is scanty, but I have an idea of what I want to do and why. The howfore of it can be determined at my leisure. Fun-but-implausible is at war with more-plausible-but-possibly-duller. I'll probably decide in favor of fun. After all, it's not like I'm writing the great American novel, here.

Summary for later reference because my memory is lousy. Yvette's going to be doing a job for Paul in London, keeping an eye on an unsavory group that owes him a large chunk of money, and be ready to whack them if the welch on repayment. This is going to put her on the carpet at MI6 wondering why this Simon guy is yelling at her for doing as she is without checking in with him first. Given that Yvette has no memory of her time-as-Rachel and, therefore, no memory of her involvement with various intel bureaus, that's going to cause a lot of confusion.

There's also the fact that Simon's known Yvette/Yasmin/Rachel for over ten years and she hasn't aged a day. That's going to have to be addressed, too - what fun! I have a mental image of Yvette picking her words with great care and asking Simon if he's cleared for a most-secret compartment: Camarilla, which of course, Simon isn't, otherwise he'd know why Yvette hasn't aged.

It's entirely possible that Rachel will have to manifest - either from too much strain on repressed memories, or because Paul orders her out of hiding to get Yvette through the situation. Of course she's going to call Domitor Dearest in a crunch.

I've been thinking about how Rachel would feel about her situation, if she came out of hiding again. It's been nearly two years since Yvette became Paul's ghoul. I think that, in many ways, Rachel's opinion of the situation will have softened - although she'll despise what she's become, and be even more hapless when it comes to dealing with Paul. I've run potential conversations/scenarios through my head and they're all quite interesting/entertaining. Paul's little sartori won't escape Rachel's notice - indeed, she might be the messenger for that one, which would, for a change, leave Paul shocked speechless. And if Rachel wants to stay out - rather than being locked up again - there won't be much that Paul can do to stop her, not without resorting to some wickedly awful things that, at this point, he's reluctant to do to her.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.