July 13

Oh, what the hell...

Online for a limited time only - ie, until I get embarassed enough to take 'em down and/or I get the rewrite done:

Paul & Yvette - 'Alternate Universe' Introduction. This is an alternate version of Starting Over, Part One. Well, it's more of a followup really, but the tone of it would neccessitate a rewrite of SO:Part One and some shoehorning of SO: Part Two to get them to match and I'm too lazy to do that for something that was written in a moment of self-indulgent madness. It's a doc file, not HTML, so you'll have to download it and read it on your word processor.

Yvette & The Driver - Untitled (until I fix it). This is the 'give them what they want for a while, then sneak in and edit it to what I want, later' bit. What I want is for Yvette to rein in her hormones and get to Paris without any extracurricular activity... Again, it's doc file, not HTML. I warned you that it was a limited time offer. Too late now, sorry!


Actually, I rather like the AU for Paul and Yvette, as I think Paul Viersan is being truer to his 'old self' - the selfish, rather hedonistic, pick any card, pick my card type vampire. His transformation over the course of Starting Over still takes me by surprise. Such a change might be a sign of my mellowing in my old age, I guess... I still haven't ruled out the idea of taking a machete to that particular collection, inserting the AU into the continuity at the proper point, and then 'grading' (like you grade a curve in drawing/sewing, etc) the following stories, so that there is a more visible evolution and change in Paul's state of mind.

(tangent: I remember when JP quoted Paul at me during - or was it shortly after? - a vampire larp. I was alternately tickled pink that he had read the story and retained that line, and deeply, utterly worried that my character at the time was getting into a situation that was getting Viersan quoted at her. Overall, I was more tickled than worried. And I know that JW loves the It's always my turn line. It's so nice to have fans, but Paul's gonna get a big head!)

So far, in Starting Over, there's been very little evidence of the Paul that Rachel had to deal with - with the possible exception of his musings in A Private Moment - and so I sometimes kinda feel like I've sort of betrayed that character. Besides, without his rat-bastardness, there just isn't that much to Paul. He was always intended to be a one-dimensional Iago-esque bad guy. And now the poor sod is suffering finer feelings for his ghoul, worrying for her safety, etc. Character evolution is good, but I think maybe it's come a little bit too out of left field. I dunno. The jury is still out on this one... There are pros and cons to both sides.

Besides, 'Old Paul' is sitting in Paris and cracking his knuckles right now, so all might not yet be lost. Heh. I'll get Yvette and the driver off that layby in a couple of weeks, get Yvette into Paris without mussed hair, and see what happens. Whee!