June 28th - Part 2

(I've been re-reading prior entries, shaking some old thoughts loose. Watching American Psycho for the nth time has had some impact, will file those bits out later)

Move setting to NYC or Chicago. NYC is, of course, more iconoclastic.

- "Why not practice in LA? All those models and actors..."
- "They're high maintenance, I don't like high maintenance people" - because, y'know, it takes Trish's attention away from herself. She is a fundamentally selfish person.

From bar (sort of equal footing) to Trish's office (Trish apparently has authority) to Trish's home (distinct vulnerability, as Michael is there without an invitation) is striking me as a logical progression.

Does Michael seduce Patricia? No, but her imagination may lead viewers to believe otherwise. Or it might happen, and Michael just convince her otherwise because I'm feeling mean like that right now. See American Psycho, above.

If Mike is a cop - and I'm liking that idea more and more - then ditch illicit relationship with MBRC. It's just too much and a bit overwhelming. File it in the Johanna's Happy Fetishes box and leave it at that. Michael and MBRC may be coworkers, even friends off duty - further manipulative fun for Michael, indeed - but leave anything beyond that well enough alone. Patricia may jump to whatever (by then) jealousy-driven conclusions that she likes.

- "I'm wound too tight, I guess."
- "So prescribe yourself something."
- "That's irresponsible."
- "Having a meltdown at your professional colleagues is irresponsible." (Taking a sedative so you can get to sleep tonight is not)

Michael's just, y'know, Satan or something.

Pardon me, I have to go laugh up a lung.

(reminder from an earlier entry: Patricia is also smart, well-organized, possessed of a very dry sense of humor - even if it's rarely used - and has a well-tuned appreciation for human beauty. She likes to 'improve' things - an offshoot of her career choice - and tends to be a little overgenerous with the helpful advice. She can be thoughtless when dispensing her little pearls of wisdom, although it's never (consciously) malicious. She's willing to take the time to teach those who want to learn about whatever-it-is - from new procedures to how the appointment booking software works. She's reserved, but not unfriendly - at least, not at first. - I guess I actually jotted something down regarding her higher notes.)

Michael is an agent of change. Patricia changes from what to what? From a tightly-controlled, successful professional type of person with, okay, one or two unpleasant habits to???

When I can answer that question, I think I can finally start writing the goddamn treatment.

The simple answer would be an out of control burnout/shell of former self but that's oversimplified, and not terribly interesting. Now, an apparent shell of former self who really is in control of her life at long last might be interesting. Particularly if some entertainingly awful wreckage has been left behind her as she goes. After all, it's not like she's changing in a vacuum, so to speak. As she changes, her environment is impacted. Hm. Shades of Dead Ringers (another personal fave). I must be careful of all these beloved influences that are swirling around my head.