March 10th

Random On The Edge thought1.

Aw, crap, I think M&T are going to have to fool around, probably soon after the end of the first act, if not right then. Why? Because Trish's behavior has to change, she's got to be forced out and because even I can't make a viable 120 minutes' viewing out of nothing but URST. Moonlighting, it ain't.

Besides, after a long-established habit of being a cocktease, some mad desperate fucking and the whyfore of it is going to rather force Trish to re-evaluate her world view on a few things.

Like I said, I ain't writing the Great American Screenplay, here.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled day

EDIT: 'Cos, you see, it's another control thing. How the fuck occurs, I mean. Trisha has this established behavior of picking men up and throwing them out before putting out. It's a nasty little habit but, well, she's not entirely nice. Enter Michael - generally better looking and more charismatic than her usual prey. He shows an interest in her, she figures he's the latest plaything. She invites him back to her place, and he refuses. Control-freak game-playing gal doesn't like that. Further, M states that he doesn't like going to another person's place - but he doesn't make an offer to Trish to bring her to his. That would put the power of the decision in Patricia's hands, and Michael doesn't want that. Trish will have to ask to go to Michael's - which will a) mean she's ceding a small amount of control to someone else (small but signifcant change) and b) she's got to admit that maybe she wants more from this guy than the usual power trip - lots of internal stuff about the whyfore of that to be dealt with. It can't just be because he's handsome, charming, yadda yadda. I want that sorta unspoken-primal-appeal thing going on - but with power games underneath it all, too. Heck, the very fact that Michael 'challenges' Patricia is an intriguing departure from the norm - for her.

1 - aka The Story That Won't Die. I tried to kill it after I failed to fix it back in November, but it just won't admit that it's dead.