November 2nd

Hell is different things for different people. What form does the primrose path take? Not just in Patricia's case, but there's Ross to be considered.

I've belatedly realized that I meant to rename Ross but, clearly, it ain't gonna happen. The perils of 'temporary' names for characters. Name your gumshoe after a brand of fedora, and you're stuck with Stetson Smith for the rest of your days. But I digress...

Story is about choices, not being carried away by events - unless one is writing the natural-disaster-of-the-moment movie. Granted, a good story can incorporate elements of the two, but I know what I need to be focusing on right now.

An agent of change - one who can compel without overt force. Sheer charisma, I guess, but plausibility is a factor. Michael can't come across as some nigh-rapist. Instead, he presents choice(s) and Patricia makes them, for something like the first time in her life.

Bah, pacing is everything.

Choices that lead to further conflict, and further (probably) bad choices. Remember, matters must intensify - both choices and consequences - otherwise drive is lost.

Poor lil protagonists. I want to play with them, but I'm not sure what the game is going to be. I'll have to brainstorm on that when I'm not at work.