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Most Recent Addition: May, 2012.
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Logistics and Stuff Character Costuming
Why I LARP: One Player's Perspective Character Development 210 - The Next Level Costuming the new Battlestar Galactica - costume diary and advice
Finding Inspiration and Generating Ideas My Quick-and-Dirty Guide to Having a Kick-Ass Time In A LARP Costuming for Science Fiction Events - advice and construction tips
Plotting a One-Shot LARP - Some Advice An example of a character background for a one-shot LARP Costuming Tips For The Cheap and Desperate
LARP Pitfalls And Clawing Your Way Out Of Them (long) The Vampire Players' Guide To Getting Away With Murder (long) Even Space Cowboys Hanker to Look Shiny - Costuming for a Firefly LARP
Running a LARP - Logistics and Sanity. Advice for Would-Be Malkavians (Acrobat file, not HTML) Creating Commodore Franky Cook - Making a Sky Captain Costume
Establishing the ambiance for your LARP Character Development 110 - Updated in '12. Outfitting the Vodacce Fate Witch
In A Perfect World... One Vampire LARP ST's Manifesto (Rather dated, now) Rich Taylor's Ultimate List of 100+ Questions For Your Character Donning the Vodacce Veil and Outfitting the Montaigne  - costume construction
Running a Cthulhu LARP - some specific advice What to Write? A Collection of In-Character Writing Fashion Pix From The 1960s 
So, You Want to Run a LARP at a Gaming Convention...?  
GM and Player Responsibilities to a LARP  

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