Egyptology for Gamers

Once again, I've found a way to turn a personal interest into something useful for RPGs. Below is a relatively short list - given the thousands of Egyptology sites on the web - of nifty links I have found that might be of use to a player or Game Master looking to run a game - live or tabletop - with an ancient Egyptian motif. With the context of RPGs in mind, I have focused upon the less academic sites. You're probably here because you want some cool details about the mummification process, or a quick excerpt from the Carter Diaries for your game. If you're a serious Egyptology student, this portal might be a good launching point, but you're not going to find the really meaty academic stuff linked from this page.

This whole escapade was inspired by reading White Wolf's Mummy: The Resurrection which is, by far, the most interesting sourcebook they've released in years.

I'm always accepting suggestions!

These links were last verified on 2/22/02 and they were all valid at that time.

  • So, you've just watched The Mummy...
    Info. about Seti, the real Imhotep, etc.
    What Is Egyptology? - Vast reference site for Ancient Egypt.
    Ancient Egypt Webquest - Another justifiably popular site referencing all aspect of Ancient Egyptian life.
    Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple -Yet another vast resource for history, religion and culture of Ancient Egypt.
    The Ancient Egypt Site - Another general reference site.
    Guardians' Egypt Site - More collected reference - history, religion, etc.
    Per Ankh - Another general reference site for history and religion, created with gamers in mind. - Several articles and links describing the practices and history of Egyptology.
    National Geographic, 1923 - Reporting on Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb.
    Carter's Diary - Excerpts from Howard Carter's diary while he sought the tomb of the boy-king
    Absolute Egyptology - A graphics-intensive site featuring a glossary of the gods and the history of pharoahnic Egypt.

    Maps of Ancient Egypt

    The Country
    The Theban Mapping Project - Very good maps of several historical areas, and many fine pictures of the sites and Egypt today.

    Tombs, Temples and Pyramids
    The Great Pyramid of Giza - General introduction and history
    "Interactive" map of Djoser's pyramid complex
    Cutaway view of the Great Pyramid
    Mysteries of the Nile - includes maps of several temple complexes
    Hatshepsut's Temple - 3D rendering, maps and diagrams.

    Culture and Art of Ancient Egypt

    Visual Arts, Clipart & Pictures
    Ancient Egyptian Coloring Book
    Egyptian-themed clip art
    Pictures of Egypt
    More Egyptian Clipart - cute icons

    Myths and Stories
    Egyptian Myths
    Ancient Egyptian Literature
    Three Egyptian Myths

    Ancient Egyptian Clothing
    Ancient Egyptian Fashion

    Life and Language
    Ancient Egyptian Social Life
    Women In Ancient Egypt
    Hieroglyph Translator - English to phonetic uniliteral glyphs
    A Web Guide to Egyptian Hieroglyphs
    Gardiner's List of Hieroglyphs - who cares if you don't know what they mean?
    Hieroglyphic Font For Windows - it doesn't correspond at all to our alphabet, but it looks nifty.
    Reading Hieroglyphs - Online Tutorial
    Pronounciation Guide for Hieroglyphics - very dry site but very useful for the purist

    Funerary Practices and Religion

    Religious Practice
    Religion in Ancient Egypt
    Ancient Egyptian Magick
    The Book of Going Forth By Day - aka The Book of the Dead
    House of Netjer - An association of modern practioners of Kemetic Orthodoxy. A useful starting point for information

    The Deities
    A List of the Gods
    Another listing of deities - beware of the popups!'s own listing
    Yet another listing of the gods
    Extensive listing of the gods - plus descriptions and their names in hieroglyphic form

    A Brief Summary of the Mummification Process
    Autopsy Of A Mummy - in French, but with cool pix!
    Description of the Markings on a Mummy-case

    Cool Props and Miscellaneous Links

    Ancient Egyptian Calendar
    Recipes from Ancient Egypt
    Ancient Egypt Links - intended for home-tutors
    Make Your Own Mummy and Sarcophagus - Great for LARPs!

    So, You've Just Watched The Mummy...

    Seti I
    Sethy I - awkward translation of a French site, but worth the trouble.
    Mummy Wrappings - Seti I

    The Real Imhotep

    Ask Dr. Dig
    Necropolis - Factoids - Imhotep

    The Pharaoh Djoser (Zoser)
    The pyramid at Saqqara - includes a detailed map and pictures.

    The Mummy's "Curse"
    Howard Carter and The Mummy's Curse - the 'curse' on Tutankhamun's tomb

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