A Note from the Chuckling Cthulhu Crew

    Please note that our email has changed (dratted spam!) and is now team_at_chucklingcthulhu_dot_com. If that alias fails (and we've been hearing that it has for some) try instead.  
May 31st, 2005
Thank you to everyone who grumbled at us for cancelling Black Sun, White Light and our special-event Star Trek larp that were scheduled for KublaCon. It's nice to know that we're missed! We hope that y'all had some fun withi Dreams of Deirdre, Endless Adventures, Shifting Forest Storyworks and all the other awesome larps that did occur at KublaCon - our fave was the Firefly larp. ;)

We will be at ConQuest 2005, although we're not sure what we're going to be running, because we've got a plethora of choices. Watch this space for further details!

May 12th, 2005

More bad news, we're afraid.
Chuckling Cthulhu has cancelled all events scheduled for KublaCon '05, because some other, much more important priorities have come to the fore. If you're extravagantly curious, feel free to drop us a line, but suffice it to say that this is just a game and the Real World (tm) must take precedence. We will be back to our usual, manic selves for the Labor Day weekend, we promise!

March 26th, 2005
You might have noticed an addition to our front page, announcing two new 'imprints' for Chuckling Cthulhu. These imprints are borne of two reasons. 1) We want to broaden our identity a bit, to give players a better idea of what to expect from our games at any given convention and 2) We just like thinking up cool names like this.

Strange Aeons is our science-ficition label. Given that we've done several SF-themed (and utterly non-mythos) events in the past - Dance of the Landsraad, Steincorp Station and Big Brains, Skinny Ties - and we plan to do more, we think it's high time that we gave our space-opera events an identity of their own. Should you see anything at your local gaming con listed as Chuckling Cthulhu Presents a Strange Aeons Event, now you know what's up. CC regulars will be utterly unsurprised to know that Alex came up with this name, and most of the games that went with it. Anticipated events include a Star Trek larp at KublaCon 2005 (special event, see con program for details) and a new-era Battlestar Galactica event.

Universal Export exists because Johanna has a life-long fondness of things espionage-flavored and who can pass up a chance to do an homage to Ian Fleming? At the moment, there are two espionage-themed events on the horizon - The Sugar Game set in Havana in 1959 (tentatively scheduled for Conquest, 2005) and an as-yet-untitled event set in Alexandria during World War II (KublaCon 2006, at this rate). Again, events run under this banner will be non-mythos.

Chuckling Cthulhu will continue to be the bannerhead for all mythos-larps - historical and contemporary. The intention is to have one larp under each 'banner' every year, although that will probably vary as to how the muse whaps us about the head with her clue-by-four as time passes...

February 21st, 2005

We've returned from running Thirteen Days of Terror at DunDraCon a slightly sadder and wiser troupe. The game was not one of our triumphs, and the Chuckling Cthulhu Crew is already at work fixing the identified issues with our plotting style and brand-new logistics system. The anticipated improvements include:

- A streamlined combat system. No more bid + initiative. Your initiative number alone determines the order of combat, and that number is pre-determined for you in your packet. That's one less bid that everyone has to do each and every combat round.

- No more 'critical success'/'critical failure' cards in the bidding hand. The critical cards were coming up far too often to be statistically plausible.

- Streamlining the "movement/actions" part of combat. We're not entirely sure how that's going to change, but change it will.

- Minimizing the prop-centric plots. Anticipating and countering "All roads lead to Rome" issues (ie, all the PCs are focused on one single plot/item in the game).

- Style change: Alex is going to remind everyone that he's deaf in one ear, so maybe he's not blowing you off, maybe he just didn't hear you. We're also going to work on our tempers, sorry about that... ;)

- ...and several other changes, to be announced here and at our future events.

In general, we do like our nifty home-grown system as it's flexible, scaleable and can suit any genre, but Thirteen Days of Terror was not the best game for it to be premiered at. D'oh!

Our opinion is that the event wasn't very good, but at least it was educational. With luck, our loyal fans will give us one more chance - and we certainly hope you do because if you take a look at our upcoming events page, we've got some really nifty games in store for you - including a nifty (and secret!) space-opera event that will be kept under wraps as much as possible until its convention rolls around. Members of the Chuckling Cthulhu mailing list will receive advance hints about this event, so please subscribe today!

And speaking of sci-fi events, Chuckling Cthulhu is spinning off a new branch to represent our (non-mythos) science fiction events, as we seem to be coming up with a lot of ideas in that direction of late. Strange Aeons: A Spacefaring Tentacle of Chuckling Cthulhu will be running its first event later in 2005.

In other news, Dance of the Landsraad might return for an encore in 2006 - possibly DunDraCon or maybe BayCon, so keep an eye on this site for further details if you missed your chance at KublaCon, 2004.