Summer, 2010
Photo by Paul S.

...yet another in a long series of attempts to avoid responsibility. - Chris Knight.

Who am I?
I'm Johanna Mead, ex-patriate Englishwoman and currently of Northern California.

I used to have a long biography on this page but I decided it wasn't very interesting.

What do I get up to?
Rather a lot.

  • Walking to Canterbury - my public blog (battling hibernation, at the moment).

  • Live Journal - my not-public blog. Most of the posts are locked to "friends" only, but I'm pretty liberal about adding folks.

  • My Twitter feed - random thoughts in 140 characters or less.

  • Various costumes I have made - mostly SF/F, big surprise.

  • Resume - what I've supposedly done for a living.

  • Advice for LARPers - from logistics to politics to costuming.

  • Hobby Writing - screenplays, poetry, lots of RPG fiction.

  • Writing Resume - the non-hobby writing. Some people even paid me for some of it.
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