Pictures of my pal James - 6/7/02
Click on the thumbnail to see the large file.
These are all uncorrected and uncropped - I'm leaving that chore to James. :)
All pix on this page were taken with the Olympus C-2000 Z digital camera, beaten
with a stick to remain at F-11 and prove that it could produce pix
with some depth of field.
I will be adding regular emulsion-pix as soon as they are developed.

Other pictures from the day out... Again, click on the thumbnail to view the original.
Again, these are all digital photos. Yes, these ones I've cropped, but done no other corrections.


More of the same - emulsion pictures, this time
Alas, I think they've all lost some saturation during the scanning process...
Some of these were taken so that I could compare emulsion to digital, hence the similarity of some shots..