Me and my friends, in variable degrees of silliness. 
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(most recent update, November 2005 - added a few pix that had been languishing)

A "Hey, Johanna!" picture, taken while I was frantically preparing for the first Diablo's Children game. 1994

Infusing my job with just a touch of glamour - Server Cage Hostess! 1997

A small, intimate soirée to celebrate my graduating university and to mark my 'halfway point' - twelve years in England, twelve years in the United States. 1996

A whole page of my wedding photos. Go there! Right now! 1999

Server Cage Hostess part 2 - Hartford, 2000

Being bitchy - it was the persona, honest! - but somewhat stylish at a LARP. 2000

Taken when someone wanted a more-recent (at the time) picture. Note the incredibly stylish stripy tights... 2002

Glaring at some shrubbery at the UC Berkeley rose garden - taken by JW during a 'photo safari'. 2002

Another picture by JW, taken during the 'photo safari' day. 2002

Me, arseing about at a LARP in 2003. It was a superhero thing, hence the PVC...

Half a dozen pix taken for a 
friend's photography class. 2004.

Risqué but mostly worksafe.
Goofing about in a corset (I know, big surprise) during Costume College 2004.
franky and mw
Me and Jade having good sillyfun cosplaying as two characters from Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow at the Baycon '05 Masquerade.

Photographer credit is on the larger image.
am I facing the right way?
A costume - part of a group entry - for SiliCon '05. The concept involved acting as a personification of Galadriel's ring of power.

I assure you that I'm under that veil somewhere.

Photographer credit is on the larger image.
The entire group at SiliCon '05: fire, air and water. I'll let you figure out which is which.

Photographer credit is on the larger image.
*hic* Tired (and, okay, a little bit shattered) from trying to keep up beer for beer with Team Volare during a tabletop game. 2005.

Scarily enough, this picture was taken a good two hours after the boozing stopped.

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