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Purple and Gold Brocade

Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture. Please look here for a better color representation. I was taking the pic on left outdoors early this morning, so it's bit dark and blue.

The garment is lined in a sturdy cotton duck, with steel bones on all seams and additional boning in the bust area. Steel busk closure and two-part grommets on the back (not eyelets).

Please note: There is a small imperfection in this corset  in which some needle marks are visible near the bottom edge of one panel. The brocade, whilst beautiful, is a tad tricky to sew. Whilst I defy you to spot the problem in the photo, I know it's there, so I've marked this corset down from it's usual selling price of $200.

Size: Medium. 38" Overbust (C cup), 30"Waist, 40" hip - fully closed.
Busk length is 12" - finished front length of corset is 13.5". Back length is 12.75".

Finished price: $180 + shipping

I am ONLY accepting Paypal or cash-in-hand at the moment. I'm selling these items to raise money for a trip which commences on Wednesday, so I'm in a bit of a rush! If you wish to make a purchase, email me at johanna.mead(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll tell you my PayPal address.

I can ship anywhere in the world (er, local laws notwithstanding). Shipping in the USA and Canada is usually around $12, as I ship UPS Ground, which offers built-in package insurance and tracking. For shipping overseas, please inquire for rates, first.  If you're in the SF Bay Area, we might be able to arrange to meet, and avoid the whole shipping thing entirely. :)

Care notes: hand wash in cold water with a made-for-delicates detergent. Do not twist or wring. lay flat to dry. Iron with a very cool iron and with a cotton press cloth over the fabric. The surface fabric of both corsets are artificial fibers and they will melt at a high temperature.

Got a question? Email me at johanna.mead(at)gmail(dot)com