Ring Requirements

I hate to be a bitchy webmistress, but once this ring hit 80 sites, in March of 2000, I realized that I was getting sick of admitting sites that met the bare minimum requirements and had lousy HTML. Following 3/20/00, Mightier Than The Sword is going to be much pickier about site design and HTML than it has been before.

This doesn't mean I expect your site to use javascript, or stylesheets or whatever this week's cool web gimmick is. What is does mean is that I expect to see a clean layout, with valid links, no broken graphics and a minimum of stupid animated/blinking .gifs. This is my ring, and I am the arbiter of what makes for an aesthetic page. Yes, that's subjective, but I've been working in the web-industry since 1998 and have learned a lot about what makes for a good site.

Ring Location
Your webring page must be no more than one - clearly labeled! - click away from your front page. Visitors don't want to hunt around for a webring they're navigating, and nor do I.

Your site should feature any or all of the below

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