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Hello! This is a loosely connected group of people who all live in the San Francisco Bay Area, keep an online journal and update at least once a month. Who needs a webring with all that fussy code, anyways? Browse through the index and find some nifty new reading! Want to join?

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Abstract Thoughts - Jennifer.
Fremont. 20's something geekgirl living, growing, learning in the San Francisco Bay Area. Avid reader, writer, poet and gamer. Introspective and fluffy. A contradiction of Light and Dark. - Aivy.
Hayward. Early 20-something journalism student, thai iced tea addict, professional daydreamer, and the future mother of Jimmy Fallon's children.

Altogether Impossible - Bela
South Bay.  Twentysomething girl just looking for her place in this world.

Anyone's Any - Monique.
Richmond. Moved to the Bay Area on the bohemian adventure of a lifetime: grad school, poetry, sex with women, and who knows what! If you like [anything] you'll love me.

Aries Moon - Lucy.
Palo Alto. A wry, mordant, and fully caffeinated travel agent addicted to science fiction, gardening, rubber stamps, and, of course, travel.

Brain Dump - Min Jung.
Oakland. Accidental comic writer. Sexually repressed Korean Catholic woman. Eating too many potato chips & frequently abusing hair with dyes. Currently Red. Transplanted from Michigan 5 years ago and have lived in various parts of the bay - Fremont, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, San Francisco, and now currently Oakland

Detox:Synesthesia - Angelina.
San Francisco. Born and raised bay area girlie. 27 years of age. Ex-ex-weed smoker and lover of all things crafty. I've also been known to rock the party on occasion.

The Dumping Station - Dgeypscun.
San Francisco. When he's not involved with theater, fretting over relationship problems or freebasing coffee and cigarettes while giggling like a toddler he talks to imaginary people in his Journal!

Dream a Little Dream - Cathy.
Tri-Valley. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I'm still here 50 years later. My journal is a bit of here and there, now and then, seen from the eyes of an old hippie.

Ethereal Reflections - Andrea.
Dublin. I'm a stay-at-home mommy of two little girls, trying to figure out what I am other than a mommy. I'm also a wanna-be web and graphics designer who would love to be published someday.

Ethics of Teaching - Sam.
Daly City. I teach introductory Computer Science at a community college in the San Francisco Area and these are my experiences, concerns, and ideas..

Faulty Vision - Yuhri.
Redwood City. "My people don't have a sense of humor," she said. "What we have is misguided sincerity. You've heard Japanese pop music. Have you seen a Japanese game show? You think that's a joke?"

First Person Singular - Del.
San Francisco. "Shoebox full of photos; found a grainy mirror. Sunken cheeks and slender hands. Grocery lists and carbon-copied letters offer silence for my small demands. Hey how'd you get so anchorless?" - The Weakerthans 

Fredlet's web-o-rama - Fredlet.
Peninsula. Geek chick in the Silicon Valley who drinks a bit too much coffee and dreams aloud of travelling in an Airstream all over the place. Webcam. Gratuitous kitten pictures. The occasional rant. Unapologetically strange.

Gazing into the Abyss - Michael Rawdon.
Mountain View. The life and times of a thirtysomething programmer-type. I write about my hobbies and interests (comic books, science fiction, baseball, et. al.) and adjusting to living in Silicon Valley. My journal also doubles as a weblog.

Hoopty - Mike
San Lorenzo.  who am I? I'm trouble in heels. OG Bay Area Native with way too many previous mistakes, bad tattoos, piercings and otherwise. Musician. Ex-everybandeveruphere.

House of the Moon - Lunesse.
Mill Valley. Late twenties internet geek inputing code, bellydancing and motorcycle riding in the best place on earth. Always honest, always interesting. Updated daily.

Inside Gerard's Head - Gerard.
Daly City. Early 20's filipino male computer geekoid gone artsy fartsy.

Inside Her Mind - Julienne.
Walnut Creek. 25 year old chickie, recently single.. often wanders around a little dazed in her own sheltered world. Rides horses, chocolate lab mommy. Changes galor in her life right now.. come join in the fun that is her tomentation!

Internet Grandfather - Ed.
Orinda. I'm an older man who writes weekly columns about things I wish I knew 40 years ago, mostly along the lines of being nice to others and helps everyone.

Irregular Ramblings Redux - Johanna
Livejournal of an expatriate Britgeek who is six parts cynic, one part romantic and just a teeny bit of surrealistic whacko.

Jelly Filled Catharsis - Craig.
San Francisco. I am a rocket scientist who prefers to shave on Tuesdays. My hobbies include snail collecting and Mah Jongg. I also write novels.

Julian's Jabberings - Julian.
Mountain View. I'm a liberal software type with a Ph.D. in physics. I read lots of non-fiction, mainly history and other social sciences.

Kat Uncensored - Kat.
Standford. A college sophomore rambles about everything and nothing all at once while trying to knock down her brain's censorship mechanisms, not always completely successfully.

The K-Files - Kristin
A weekly foray into the heart and mind of the GoddessKristin, the K-files will help you know the Goddess better than she knows herself. And maybe we'll have some laughs along the way because the Goddess doesn't take things all that seriously even when she's ranting.

Litter Box - Alexandria.
San Francisco. SF actress/tomboy/girlygrrl noting the weird, the beautiful, and other random events here in town.

MacTavish - Mary.
Fremont. Hot bi babe. :)

Mahamari's Rant-O-Rama - Mahamari.
Berkeley. A geeky bioengineering student with a penchant for cheese and a fondness for the Scottish accent. Rants and rambles on random topics.

Maocat Sleeps - Monte.
Oakland. Cats have many moods. you just can't tell what they are.

Mastication is Normal - Cheshire.
Emeryville. Just a little place where I can use as many semicolons as I damn please, 'cause I get 'em in bulk from Costco. Go ahead, it probably won't make you go blind.

Morphisms - Marissa.
Hayward. I'm a Midwesterner transplanted to the East Bay. Freelance writer, ex-nuclear physics student, SF/fantasy geek, Scandophile, baker of sweet things, blurb writer subordinaire.

Nescience - Mike.
San Francisco/Stanford. It is believed that at the smallest level, the circumstances which shape our lives are effectively random. Still others believe an underlying order lies at the very core of our existence, and although we are unable to grasp the complexity of that order, we are at least able to recognize that there IS an order at all. Was it a random twist of fate which brought him to study in the Bay Area? Was it chance that gave him a place to live in North Beach (but not necessarily a job) during the summer of 2002? Or is there some beautiful, yet ultimately inscrutible, reason for his cosmic bounces? Join Mike as he balances the quest for nescience with diversion from the "real" world as he descends into the latticework of the World Wide Web.

Not My Desk - Temporary Insanity - Christopher.
Alameda. The tireless efforts of an uber-temp trying to wrestle the humor from his bland and repetitive office jobs. Updated Monday-Friday with humorous essays, articles, reviews, and diversions. Pants optional.

Notes from the Underground - Beto Palomar.
Berkeley. Life and times of a young chicano poet from Watts wandering through u.c. berkeley and the bay.

Possibly Interesting - Starmama.
Oakland. I'm a thirtysomething single mama from Oakland. Been here since '69. I fancy myself a writer but I have a tendency to not finish things I start. I'm also a huge exhibitionist & love to talk about myself. You might find what happens to & around me Possibly Interesting. Most likely, I've got to admit, it's not even Passably Interesting.

Rachel's Daily Diary - Rachel.
Mountain View. Daily since 1997.

Rambles - Mike.
San Francisco. I'm a homegrown New Yorker who's trying to find a new life on the West Coast. My new job here has given me lots more free time than my workaholic mind knows what to do with, so I've gone and gotten myself a bartending license and will be getting a sky diving license, perhaps a masseuse license, and some salsa/swing dancing lessons.

r a n d o m l i f e - David.
San Francisco. I have a degree in physics, but I'm a vegetarian. I can juggle four objects, but I love to watch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". I once won three first place medals in an Irish dancing competition, but I'm an avid game player. Some day I will travel through time.

rawr - Gwen.
Oakland. A story in words (and a picture every once in awhile) about me, the boy, the girl, and whoever else happens to be around in Oakland. - Bob.
San Francisco. Late 20s Web rocker. Rants, raves, realizations and rock 'n' roll.

Reflection - Valerie.
Saratoga. After growing up near Chicago, I decided to try and find myself by heading West. I still haven't quite found my way in life, but I'm trying, writing about my explorations in my journal as I go.

Ride with Helenjane - Helenjane.
Walnut Creek. my obsessions with cheese, bacon, strangers and television are dutifully recorded on the daily. i solemnly guarantee that the pictures, the recipes, the "i hate black olives" club pages and the improper use of whom won't leave you feeling flushed.

Sad Salvation - Rich.
San Jose. I am a 30 year old gadget head and phone monkey who buys too many DVDs and spends too much time in his own head.

Seaforam - Meg
Walnut Creek.  20-something newlywed, animal and nature lover, off in my own little world which I love to write about.

Sole Proprietor's Journal - Bob.
Oakland. Holding the fort at the edge of the Bay here in Oakland with Art, Life and Photographs. Oh yeah, and a webcam pointing at the intersection of Broadway and 12th Streets. The excitement, the excitement.

Speckled Paint - Josh.
Oakland. My site isn't fun and neither am I. I refer to my site as 'bad language for deaf children'.

Sweet Outrage - Jessica.
San Francisco. Read rantings and randomness in my journal/blog. Check out my artwork in my Illustration portfolio. And have fun taking polls, filling out surveys, playing games and taking free graphics.

Tiger Cafe - Raymond
Graduated from UC Berkeley. Would love to make new friends. Me: Chinese, wacky sense of humor, journalist's personality, ex-talk show host, amateur Dr. Phil, male Oprah. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. ENFJ/ENFP/ENTJ.
Wants to meet: Creative people, good communicators, French movie lovers, people who enjoy British humor, rollerbladers, writers, entertainment people, politically aware people, and artistic people. People who think Jiang Zemin looks funny when he yawns. People who can match and appreciate my twisted sense of humor.

Trentwall - Trent.
I am a 27yo college grad who moved to SF two years ago searching for art, music, culture, individuality, and diversity. I found it. I am into painting, music, guitars, djembes, and didgeridoos. I grew up in Athens, Alabama and when to college in Florence, Alabama. After traveling through almost all of the US and most of Europe I found that I needed a place with lots of culture to settle. So here I am in San Francisco in the Lower Haight... and no, I don't smoke crack.

Thursday's Child - Beth.
Berkeley. Well-traveled, tri-lingual 20-something writing weekly or bi-weekly about life as a web designer, with 5 cats and a husband. Part journal, part memoir, entries ramble all over from the intensely philosophical to the mundane.

Unbound Writer's Online Journal - Cantara.
San Francisco. Former opera student, sometime theatrical technician, ex-topless dancer and 70s porn star, Cantara Christopher has the distinction of being listed not only in the venerable University of Pennsylvania's Celebration of Women Writers but in the Adult Film Database.

Worshipping At the Altar of Mediocrity - Jared
I'm a 32 year old woman with a guy's name and an attitude to prove it. I grew up in Kansas and moved to  the Bay Area in 1990 where I intended to become a famous poet. That dream has yet been fulfilled.  I currently support my dreams, as well as my eating and housing habits with assorted demeaning jobs and fill the void left by my lack of fame and fortune with volunteerism...


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