Anja and Gregor Skolnikov.

Anja and Gregor are Old World Tzimisce who have done all they can to uphold their clan's reputation for being more debauched than the Toreador, crazier than the Malkavians and more vicious than the Giovanni.



Character Profiles
A character profile of Gregor and Anja - including personal history and the development of their twisted dynamic.

A short vignette about Anja's fifteenth birthday.

Sibling Rivalry
An argument that only Gregor and Anja could have.

Gregor finally does what he has to do to his sister. Adult content.

Penance - co-authored with Dave W.
Anja introduces herself to an unusual member of the Giovanni Clan - and pays a price.

Anja and Gregor Skolnikov were a part of the Vampire LARPs New Jerusalem (GM: Pete M.) and Diablo's Children (GM: Nick H.) in Contra Costa.

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