This is intended to be an organic, ongoing document that the entire clan contributes to. This is the place to assemble any little tidbits about our fellow courtiers that might be useful in future. Please refer to this file before any significant meetings with members of the Sausalito Court. If you have information to add, please e-mail it to Rebecca and she'll add it to the file. She's done the initial work, and she would appreciate further contributions! 

Out of game note: This 'document' is actually a collection of paper files, kept at the Tremere chantry and written in Enochian. Remember, Jean Paul has ordered all Tremere to learn this language. Obscurity can be valid security unto itself... ;)


Cassandra (Digg's Last Word) - last update 4/9/01
    ??? - suspect ancilla.
    Sheriff of the court.
    Biological sibling to Diggs. 
    Carrier of the blood disease. Can we get a sample of his vitae before we cure him? The more the better.
    Member of a coterie compromising Christian DiMedici, Rogue and Rebecca Logsdon.
    Personality - Very loyal to her brother and protective of him too. This may be exploitable. Somewhat rational and willing to listen to reason. Cultivates the 'rough and ready' Brujah persona. 

Diggs - last update 4/9/01
     Seneschal to the court of Sausalito. Vied with Gideon for the throne. May possibly still be maneuvering to obtain power?
     Biological sibling to Cassandra.
     Carrier of the blood disease. Can we get a sample of her vitae before we cure her? The more the better.
     Personality - Not much known. Loyal to the Camarilla.

Jack - last update 4/10/01
     Friend to Kansas. Certainly a bit of hero worship/sycophancy going on there. Kansas probably has some influence over Jack.
     Lost a fight to Kansas last week - Kansas got his eye as a trophy. Alas, Kansas wasn't foolish enough to sell it to us.
     Atticus doesn't like him for some particular reason - dislikes him more than most. Wants him set up as the potential fall-guy for if Larry's security system gets detected and traced. Rebecca is willing to set up someone as the fall guy, but not Jack until we know more about Atticus' reasons. After all, Atticus might be trying to arrange matters to rebound on us.
     Personality - noisy, brash, prone to violence - but can generally 'keep it in his pants'.

Kansas - last update 4/9/01
     Curiously enough, we have this man's testicles in the chantry, which he apparently lost on a bet. Clan Tremere obtained the item with the intention of returning it to him, only to be told that he didn't want them back. Indicates a certain recklessness and probable lack of knowledge about our clan's reputation.
     Rumor has it that he's not too happy with his fellow Brujah, considering them to be too tame.
     Some preliminary research about Kansas has yielded the following from Topeka: Apparently Kansas is as close to an Anarch as a Brujah can be, without actually leaving the Camarilla. What joy, we seem to have a potential loose cannon and scapegoat in one neat package.
     Personality - approachable, somewhat raucous. Claims to enjoy barfighting as a hobby. Definite streak of the daredevil in this one.

Kat - last update 4/3/01
     Seemingly close to the Prince, but that opinon is based solely upon observation - not confirmed.
     Apparently Irons is trying to convince her that the Tremere/Toreador/Nosferatu coterie considers her an enemy because she has been seen talking to Irons. I think we need to work on disabusing her of that notion. She might not be an ally to us, but we don't need her allying with Irons out of fear.
     Personality - not known.

Rogue - last update 4/9/01
     Apparently delusional, taking on the persona of a comic-book character, although she is trying to build a new identity for herself. Rebecca has obtained a copy of her diaries and dream-journal and has sent them to a Tremere specializing in psychoanalysis. Updates pending. Context of delusions might prove exploitable.
     Rogue was Enthralled to Malcolm, of Clan Gangrel - proves her susceptibility to either threats or romance. Probably romance (see below)
     Rogue is romantically interested in Christian DeMedici. The relationship is in early stages as of 4/01. Definite vulnerability to romance. 
    Willing to accept help from Clan Tremere, providing it apparently comes through Rebecca or Saren. She has vocalized a lack of trust in Jean Paul Boudroux.
     Member of a coterie compromising Christian DiMedici, Cassandra (Digg's Last Word) and Rebecca Logsdon.
     Very much "My Prince Right or Wrong". Should we need to remove Gideon by violence, she must be off-site. However, once the replacement is in power, she will support him with the minimum of grumbling.
     Rebecca has a copy of her diaries. They strongly suggest that Rogue is a personality that has been imposed upon her against her will - possibly by her Sire. Hopefully, a trained psychiatrist (Tremere, of course) can separate memory from symbolism in this woman's dreams. She very much wants peace - one way or the other - and if we can provide that, she will be in our debt.
- Another relatively relaxed and rational Brujah. Willing to listen to reason. Emotional and prone to melancholia. Aside from the matter of her displaced identity, no known foibles.

Sarah - last update 4/8/01
     This lady is the one who obtained Kansas' testicles in the first place and then sold them to Clan Tremere.
     Accorded the status Honorable by Kansas - seconded by Kat. The Brujah will have their little jokes.
     According to Saren, Sarah seems 'very attached' to Kat. Possible enthrallment? Or just dedicated upsucking?
     Personality - Brash, headstrong, 'don't fuck with me'. Obviously carrying the usual burden of pride that hampers Brujah. 


Larry - last update, 4/8/01
     Self-styled software whiz. Not much knowledge about computer hardware, but willing to learn.
     Addenda: Larry has a hobby of building robots - and he's proud enough of them to want to show them publicly. A streak of vanity is always a good thing to know about.
     Currently under protection of Clan Nosferatu, but Atticus has made it clear that if Larry fucks up, they will disavow him. Of course, the clan is ready to reap any credit for advancements made by him.
     Working on developing software for a kindred tracking/security system using IR cameras, video identification and a lot of processors. Research is being underwritten by the Tremere clan, with the explicit condition that we get to use this system, once it's developed. Larry is expected to give a full accounting for funds received so far - $20,000 - by the end of April.
     Clearly vulnerable to blandishments, as is any Caitiff.
     Personality - Somewhat shy and withdrawn. A touch of autism, perhaps? However, he is facile enough when discussing his areas of expertise. 


Gideon - last update, 4/3/01
     Prince of Sausalito.
     Obtained the throne by dint of physical combat. Diggs was his primary rival.
     Context suggests that he must be insecure in his position and will probably overcompensate when faced with conflict. 
     Personality - Not known. 


Anonymous - last update, 4/3/01
     Harpy of the court.
     Seems to enjoy her job and takes it seriously. 
     Owes a major boon to Rebecca, in return for her dropping her case against Dex/Jason for inflicting Dementation upon her.
     Personality - somewhat serious and solemn, but given to flashes of humor. Outwardly rational. Specific dementia unknown.

"Bob" - last update, 4/9/01
     Regressive, but usually coherent. Was given to carrying a stuffed toy with her, a purple cat named 'Calvin' which she insisted was a dog.
     First approximation suggests that Bob is far more coherent and perceptive than she presents herself to be. She needs to be monitored.
     Recently hired Saren as a bodyguard. With luck, this will provide opportunities for eavesdropping on her affairs.
     The possibility that Bob is far more perceptive than believed is gaining credence. Saren believes this is so, after working with her for only a few days. 
     Has lately taken to doom-saying, but in public places. We should speak with her and learn more about what she is perceiving, but only under circumstances where the Masquerade is not at stake.
     Tends to go into a minor fugue when prophesying. Saren is capitalizing on their budding friendship to encourage Bob to share all of these insights with her. Bob is apparently eager to be heard.
     Personality - publicly, childish and disassociated. She's very open about feelings, as she thinks there's no reason to hide them. Privately, who knows? Specific dementia unknown.

Dex/Jason - last update, 4/3/01
     Unable to exert control over his use of Dementation. Conversation with him carries a high risk of being affected - see Rebecca's incident report for further details.
     Suffers a split personality. Jason speaks with a British accent and doesn't realize he is a vampire - although during Rebecca's encounter with him, she quickly outlined the basics of being a kindred and told him he was one too. It will be interesting to see if that information is retained through the presence of his other personality. Jason is, of course, unaware of his mental state.
     Jason described himself as an independently wealthy dot-commer/investment banker who lives on a yacht and sails around the world. We should determine how much of this is based on fact.
     Second personality is Dex. He speaks with an American accent and is aware that he is Kindred. Unknown if Dex is aware of Jason or not. 
     Split personality is often the result of severe childhood trauma. Rebecca suggests that we might want to look into this man's past and determine what that trauma was. Such research could also yield clues as to what triggers his personality changeovers and perhaps even why he cannot control his Discipline. If the latter situation can be 'fixed' by Clan Tremere, Rebecca believes that we could have several Malkavians in our debt.
     Personality - Both personas are reasonably friendly and emotionally well-balanced, but that is probably untrue when under stress.

"Queen Elizabeth" - last update, 4/3/01
     ???, suspect neonate
     Given to impersonate royalty - not sure how deeply the delusion is rooted, or if it is just a game on her part.
     Personality - approachable, but mercurical. Flattery will no-doubt have the desired effect. Specific dementia unknown - meglomania, perhaps?


Atticus - last update 4/3/01
     Goes about court heavily masked and his vocal cords are obviously traumatized. Does this man not know how to fully utilize Obfuscate? Or does he choose not to?
     Claims to have some connections to the Marin General Hospital, and the police, also.
     Part of a coterie consisting of the elders of clans Tremere, Toreador and Nosferatu (not publicly known)
     Personality - unknown.

Paron - last update 4/9/01
     Newly arrived. 
     Young and proud - pride means he is susceptible to flattery.
     Ambitious in that Nosferatu way - in that he's very keen to cut deals and get to know everyone. Also very exploitable.
     Very keen on working with Jason (the Toreador Coroner) and dealing with the blood disease.
     Personality - quite social, for a Nosferatu. Extremely inquisitive, bordering on brash. Somewhat arrogant and oversure of his knowledge on any given subject.

Phillipe DeChevallier - last update 4/3/01
     Clearly a 'face man' for the clan. 
     Had some disagreement with Jean-Paul Boudroux in the past, but is willing to deal with the clan, despite that.
     Personality - Dress and manners are slightly anachronistic. Apparently still rather nationalistic in temprament, too.

Thomas Wu - last update 4/3/01
     Incoming Neonate
     Ally to Trent of Clan Ventrue. 


Alexandria Dumas - last update 4/9/01
     Dislikes Rogue vehemently for some unspecified reason.
     Not entirely in touch with her clan - does not know what Madera's method of expression is. Shows some reluctance to contribute to an upcoming art event being sponsored by Rebecca and Marc Julius. Rebecca will be pointing out these little failings to our court Harpy.
     Is part of a coterie compromised of the elders of the Toreador, Nosferatu and Tremere clans (coterie not publicly known)
     Not above diverting credit in favor of her clan - she is conveniently forgetting Rebecca's involvement in an upcoming art show.
     Possiblity to consider: is she burning out?
     Knows a lot about the garou. Lives near Mt. Tamalpais and claims that they let her live there because she respects them.
     May be trying to alleviate ennui by stirring things up in court, just for it's own sake. Be very careful when dealing with this woman. If she is burning out, she's going to be dangerous - as she will believe she has nothing left to lose.
     Personality - Clearly a social lioness - or so she hopes. Apparently sincere and outgoing while at court, but her posturing behavior at our mutual hangout betrays her ego. Apparently embodies the stereotypical strengths and weaknesses of her clan.

Jason - last update 4/9/01
     Medical Examiner for Marin County
     Regardless of how this chap manages to avoid daytime court-dates and crime scenes, he could be a very useful tool for the clan. He has connections with both the medical and law-enforcement communities.
     Unknown what his art form is. Given his profession, one suspects it might be unpleasant.
     Has offered to consider hiring Rebecca as an 'assistant' - might be a useful conduit for information for the clan.
     Personality - somewhat pompous, given to lecturing when the opportunity arises. Will interrupt conversation when enthusiastic. Unwilling to consider alternative ideas not originating from himself. But intelligent and apparently humane. 

Madera Lea - last update 4/8/01
     Assistant to the Keeper of Elysium.
     A painter, or so she claims. Has been asked to contribute to an upcoming show.
     Romantically interested in Christian DeMedici. Emotional vulnerability probably exploitable. Susceptible to flattery - as noted by Rebecca. Possible rivalry with Rogue could be interesting...
     Possible 'crush' on Marc Julius - although it may just be a case of hero-worship. Either way, she solicits and heeds his advice.
     In a coterie with Christian, Rogue, Rebecca and Cassandra.
     Personality - somewhat shy and diffident, but possessed of a certain naive enthusiasm about kindred society. 

Marc Julius aka "The Rose" - last update 4/8/01
     Another 'face man'. 
     Has promised  Rebecca a tour of territory's hot spots and beautiful hangouts, which will hopefully give the Tremere a clue about his feeding grounds, prey preferences and preferred hangouts. May be susceptible to seduction by another kindred.
     A patron of the arts. Unknown if he produces anything.
     Has some influence over Madera Lea (attributed with encouraging her to apply for an Asst. Keeper position). 
     Personality - outgoing and a little oily, but quite perceptive. Don't let the smarm fool you. Again, vulnerable to flattery but (Rebecca thinks) perhaps a little more aware of its duplicity than others in his clan.

Michael - last updated 4/9/01
     Writer. Might these be "Steven", below? Rebecca is willing to admit she might have slipped.
     Saren is cultivating this one, talking to him about opening up a bookstore with him, etc.

Savannah - last updated 4/9/01
     Court Harpy - pro tem until Anonymous returns.
     An actress and, according to her clan, a good one.
     Worringly pretty. Too many men in this court seem to still suffer the weaknesses of the flesh. If she has that same vulnerability, I suppose we could set Aaron to charming her.
     Very  new in her position, might need some propping up. Rebecca had a good relationship with Anonymous, she'll try to build the same with Savannah.
     Personality - unknown.

Steven - last updated 4/3/01
     Author of fiction and non-fiction. Has published several novels that have received middling to good reviews, with sales figures to match. Memo: must learn more about his publisher and how he communicates with them and - if he has one - his agent.
     Personality - somewhat diffident when around his superiors, otherwise reasonably confident and outgoing. Somewhat humble about his talent, but this might be false modesty.


Avery Irons - last update 4/9/01
     A 'problem solver' sent by the Ventrue Clan. Apparently the 'problem' is the fact of a Gangrel neonate on the throne.
     It is supposed that Mr. Irons is going to try to dislodge Gideon and put another on the throne - possibly Caroline.
     Christian does not like him, but the dislike seems to have been inspired by Mr. Iron's personality, rather than through his deeds.
     Irons clearly broke Elysium on the meeting of 4/8 but since the victim of his ire - Kansas - refused to be upset about it, not much was done. Rebecca suspects that Irons might also have enough sway with the Prince to get away with his blatant disregard for the Traditions.
     Irons is trying to provoke the lupine. He has ordered Christian to buy land in undeveloped areas and aggressively industrialize it. Christian doesn't want to do this, but he also doesn't want to disobey a clan member. If, however, the land were to be bought by a 3rd party and held in irrevocable trust, Christian will have an excuse (albeit a bit flimsy) and we won't have furious lupine raging through court again.
     Personality - Clearly driven and aggressive. Cavalier attitude towards the traditions of the court suggest supreme arrogance.

Caroline Stewart - last update 4/3/01
     Neonate? Maybe ancilla.
     Lawyer, practicing in both human and kindred circles. Claims she likes to practice "Camarilla Law".
     Claims to be on retainer to several kindred in court. Rebecca is negotiating a priority contract. Even if negotiations fail, this will give us and idea of what she considers viable currency and how much value she puts on her time.
     Very little social life. Sometimes socializes with her clients (nb: probably her prey). Says she "takes them out to a bar or dinner".
     Rather lax attitude towards the Masquerade. Used several proscribed terms (clan names, etc) during conversation in a public place with Rebecca. Rebecca is considering how this slip may be used to our advantage.
     Seems somewhat unhappy in her role as Primogen
     Personality - very proper and toes the party line. Possible workaholic? 

Christian DeMedici - last update 4/3/01
     Neonate/ancilla (definition varies)
     Keeper of Elysium
     Was a ghoul for at least fifty years prior to Embrace - possibly longer.
     Was married for a long time (duration of ghoul career?) but lost his wife in the late 1970s. Still dedicated to her memory - although his recent involvements with Rogue and Madera may suggest that recovery has finally begun.
     Historian and occultist - particularly interested in studying the Book of Nod. Has had contact with the Tremere clan in the past regarding his research. His attitude toward our clan is friendly, but realistic.
     Was the driving force behind creating the coterie of himself, Rebecca, Rogue, Cassandra and Madera.
     Aggressively apolitical. Has spent career teaching Keepers/being a Keeper. More concerned with influence than with direct power. His apolitical attitude has gone so far that he is trying to remain uninvolved with Mr. Iron's agenda.
     Personality - studious, polite - aggressive when needed. Slightly anachronistic and occasionally socially inept (he was rather taken aback by Rogue's forwardness).

Trent Rosethorn - last update 4/3/01
     Already in hot water with Christian for telling him that Christian would have go through Thomas Wu to talk to him when he is away from court - and that Thomas' time wouldn't come cheap.
     As duplicitious as any kindred. Has approached Rebecca about cooperating with her in an investigation (The Ferry Incident) but his communiques to the Ventrue clan (which Christian graciously shared with Rebecca) indicate his intention to take as much credit as possible, as well as a fundamental lack of trust in our clan. Example: he has stated that he will be asking a Toreador to accompany him when examining the ferry (something Rebecca and Jean Paul have volunteered to do, providing Trent can get access) so that he will know if the Tremere withhold information. 
     Distrust, however, can be exploited.
     Christian has made it clear that he will not object if Trent's reputation is quietly trashed. Rebecca has agreed to cooperate, somewhat.
     Personality - Confident and aggressive. Occasionally rash. Hungry for approval and status.