Conversation Between Mattie Storin and Dane - 3/30/99

DreamStruk: So...what sort of music would Matti like to hear? Or scene would she enjoy going to?
DreamStruk: Dane would of coure ask, he needs to know what may offend her.
RDuNoir: Oh, she's a mainstream kinda gal - rock, jazz, pop, classical. Not a big one for anything noisy.
DreamStruk: Good good, I assumed a bit of that.
RDuNoir: She'd ask you what do you usually sing?
DreamStruk: Whatever one likes to hear. Usually I try for a...well for lack of a better term ambient gothy sound.
RDuNoir: *smile* Then lets go somewhere gothy with good ambiance.
DreamStruk: I am working on writing but being new at it I am not that good.
DreamStruk: Sure I will see what I can find, I know a few clubs.
RDuNoir: I'm not surprised.
DreamStruk: Well, that is what I do. I like to dance and enjoy life.
RDuNoir: (with barely a hint of irony :) )Of course.
RDuNoir: So what was it you wanted to talk to me about?
DreamStruk: The court and polotics has it's thrills but it is nothing to letting your hair down and just having fun.
DreamStruk: Oh not much actully, it is not often I see one such as you in a Court.
RDuNoir: Such as what? A ghoul?
DreamStruk: That and you seem to know quite a bit. More then most, I have noticed.
DreamStruk: Yes a ghoul. The ones I have seen are few and very controlled. No offense to you but a dog on a leash comes to mind.
RDuNoir: (*smiles*)I guess my reputation has failed to precede me. I'm an independent being, and I make my living by buying and selling information...I *have* to know a lot.
RDuNoir: And, well, ghouls aren't usually permitted in court - particularly, ah, ones that are off the leash....
DreamStruk: Yes, but when you are teaching my kind about our rules and traditions.
RDuNoir: (a tad stuffy) The welfare of the neonates is everyone's responsibility.
RDuNoir: If I can save a person from ignorance...then I will.
DreamStruk: Ignorance is a deadly thing in our game. Either gets one killed or made into a pawn.
RDuNoir: (wry laugh) No shit.
RDuNoir: So you understand why I have to keep up with everything... So what do you want?
DreamStruk: Personally? That is hard to say...but you intrigued me and I like conversation.
DreamStruk: There are few at court as social or as interesting - in a good way - such as yourself.
RDuNoir: (casually) Get more flies with honey, as they say.
RDuNoir: Enemies do me no good. So what do you want to talk about?
DreamStruk: Actully I was wondering besides the Court and rumors, what do you do?
RDuNoir: I write for the London Times and the Associated Press.
DreamStruk: Really interesting, and I do thank you so much for the good press.
DreamStruk: I am sure Lady will be happy as am I.
RDuNoir: You're quite welcome, it'll be going out next week.
DreamStruk: I do have a few questions though...more court related. WHat do you know of Ezra?
RDuNoir: (getting down to brass tacks) Only a little. A little enough to make me wonder about her. What business is it of yours?
DreamStruk: Well, she and I had a brief conversation. She was quite suprised by me actully speaking with her.
RDuNoir: How's that?
DreamStruk: I was wondering besides her clan why one would be frightend of her.
DreamStruk: Her manner and reaction. I am a people person. I look for reaction and body language.
RDuNoir: Are you frightened of her?
DreamStruk: She is as dangerous as the next one I meet, maybe more. Should I be?
DreamStruk: She is clever and from my understanding been around the block a few times. That alone is worth respect.
RDuNoir: Hm. Respect...She's very helpful. One has to wonder about Kindred who are that helpful. Do you really think only altruism motivated her to pour her own blood down Riley's throat?
DreamStruk: Yes I noticed that but is any of my kind driven by alruism?
RDuNoir: (bitter laugh) Some of you learn to fake it rather well.
RDuNoir: And make a point of being more humane than your prey. (pause) Sometimes.
DreamStruk: I admit my altruism if I have is because of my youth and my love of life.
RDuNoir: (dry) Don't feel obligated to throw it away as you get older...
RDuNoir: As for Ezra... I suspect she is keeping very careful track of who she does favors for... and calculating the interest. Admittedly, that's normal for vampires, but... Well, rumors will persist about her...
DreamStruk: But I do know to a point all actions have a reason.
DreamStruk: Yes, I am interested in her mentioning to me that the Toreador need a seat on the Primogen.
RDuNoir: There certainly are enough of you. *shrug* One classic scenario would be that she tries to make herself look vital to acheving that end and you will conveniently owe her a favor.
DreamStruk: Yes, I can se that. But if the toreador are awarded a seat who would take it...
RDuNoir: Another would be that she could threaten to block such a move...until it's worth her time not to... Ah, who would take it? That's up to you lot, isn't it?
DreamStruk: It could get ugly. For all of our unity we would back bite and throw mud like he rest for it.
RDuNoir: Just like any other common vampire. (slightly disdainful) Politics. You're welcome to it.
RDuNoir: Do you want the job?
DreamStruk: Well, I know Flanigan has high aims but would be a fop in power. The newer ones I do not think are cut out for it. That leaves myself, Corianna and Devin...who already is the head harpy.
DreamStruk: If I was offered it I would take it. You know power and all.
DreamStruk: That also means we would have a young prince and a young primogen.
RDuNoir: No offense, Dane, but I think you're too new in court to grab a primogency.
DreamStruk: ::looks at the time: Alas, good lady I have lost track of time. I must part I have a shoot to.... Yes but all the Toreador are new.
RDuNoir: My money would be on Devon passing on his seat to one of you - now, you might have a shot at that, if nepotism doesn't interfere - and Devon will try to ascend to the Primogen.
RDuNoir: Ah, of course, you have to go...
DreamStruk: Yes, another time we shall continue.
RDuNoir: No doubt.
DreamStruk: I like have attitude.
DreamStruk: ::bows slight and smiles::
RDuNoir: (sarcastically) Woof.
DreamStruk: ::then walks off::
RDuNoir: (mutters to self) Why is it vampires are always stunned to learn that ghouls can have a personality?

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