Deborah (Debbie) St.James

Debbie St. James grew up on Stornoway, in the Outer Hebrides, and expected to follow her family's undistinguished footsteps in the fishing industry. That all changed when she unexpectedly Awoke as a Mage shortly after her fourteenth birthday. Without any mentors or advice, Debbie muddled along as best she could until she moved to the United States when she turned eighteen. After a brief, but turbulent, stay with the mages of New Orleans, Debbie joined an extensive chantry in San Jose and never looked back...

Debbie's Profile.
Description of Debbie - her attitude, history, etc.

Culture Shock.
From the Outer Hebrides to New Orleans, the culture shock and attitude of Debbie's new chantry finally gets to her.

At a better chantry now, Debbie overdoes a personal celebration and has an interesting chat with the local node - a dragon named Nephat.

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