"...so I think it's in everyone's best interest to wipe these guys out. If we can." Rick finished speaking and waited for a reaction from the group eating dinner in the chantry's kitchen. He feared that the three mages in the group might be reluctant to help. Mages sometimes kept weird friends, or sat on strange fences. He was cheered by the sight of Lisa sharpening a stake. But then, Lisa was one of the shapechangers, and he had expected her cooperation.

Debbie put her fork down. "So, ah, are these Sabbat part of this Technocracy thing?" Rick stared at her, hoping she was joking. Sarah choked momentarily and also gave Debbie a long look.

"What are you smoking, Deb? No, the Sabbat are not tied up with the Technocracy." Sarah said once she had recovered.

"At least, we hope not." Rick added under his breath.

"Excuse me." Debbie grumbled. "I'm still trying to figure this out. I get confused."

"Obviously." Lisa muttered.

"Christ, that's the bloody limit!" Debbie snapped. "Let me tell you something, since you obviously weren't listening last time." She took a deep breath.

"I've been here, in this country, for two months. Two months, understand? Okay, so we're already talking your basic culture shock. Let's build on that, shall we?" she stood up in the manner of one who was about to deliver a lecture.

"Before that I didn't know what mages were, alright? I could do some weird stuff, but I figured I was probably the only one. I didn't know about vampires, fairies, or shapechangers, either. I sure as hell didn't know there were bad guys and good guys or which one I'm supposed to be or why. I asked laughing boy here-" She pointed to Thyne, another mage. "and he just says, we're the good guys, that's all I need to know, so could I please fuck off and leave him to practice." Thyne had the grace to look uncomfortable at that. "Well, obviously, I need to know more than that. So, could someone please tell me before my ignorance gets us all killed."

She stopped and glared at those around her, daring them to defy her. Thyne seemed to get interested in his empty plate. Lisa showed similar interest in the stake she held. Sarah felt a sudden need to tie her shoelaces. Rick continued to stare at Debbie. Dave was grinning like a maniac.

Finally, Dave applauded and bowed at Debbie. "'Twas as nicely thrown a tantrum as I've ever seen, m'lady." He said floridly in his Irish brogue. "And timely too, I might add."

Debbie allowed herself a smile, and ignored the relieved sigh that went around the room. "Shut up, you noisy Mick." she replied gently in her Scottish burr.

"You've already reduced the assemblage to stunned silence." he continued. "Someone must sing your praises."

Debbie actually laughed at that. "Funny, no one was earlier."

Dave winced. "Well, we all have our faults, eh?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Debbie sat back in her chair. "So, the Sabbat are some more bad guys, right? So let's start there..."



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