Diana Worthington

Adopted as an infant by the Malkavian vampire Mary Worthington, Diana's childhood was rather unusual, to say the least. Mary told Diana that if she was very good, she would one day be a vampire and inherit their unique abilities and responsibilities. Diana never wanted to be a disappointment to her mother, so she behaved as best as she knew how. After all, Mama could be terribly heavy-handed with that coat hanger when upset...

Within two years' of her Embrace, Diana had come into her own birthright of lunacy and obsessive behavior - and Mary had been destroyed during the Sabbat takeover of Sacramento. With a variable personality and a compulsive habit of honesty, interesting times lie ahead for Diana in the court of Aragon.

One picture of Mary, and another.

Basic background and history - who Diana is and how she ended up that way. Aragon players please note that this should be treated strictly as out-of-character information.

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