Janice Masterson.

Janice Masterson, world-renowned painter and photographer, is impulsive, reckless and naive - often within the same evening - but she's never bored. As a member of a most unusual coterie of re-souled vampires and a half-demon residing in Port Townsend, Washington, Janice isn't entirely sure what her future holds, what with a Hellmouth to the South, a pissed-off cadre of "The Children of Caine" to the east, and a potential-Slayer living in her spare bedroom she's sure it won't be dull!

The character has been through some interesting changes. She was my first-ever Vampire: the Masquerade character back in 1991 and that was a learning experience in itself. I've played her off-and-on since then and her last campaign underwent a conversion to the Buffy, The Vampire Slayer RPG mythos, which was extremely good fun!

Unfortunately, the group petered out after several players moved away and one of the GMs died...

Janice's Journal (1992)
An admittedly incomplete record of the first few years of Janice's unlife. This will probably only make sense to others who've played with this character. V:tM continuity.

Bondage (1993)
Now she's Bonded, now she's not... Read how Janice manages to get herself into deep trouble with her former regnant and his worst enemy. A good example of how elders will use neonates against each other. V:tM continuity.

Saturday Night (2001)
A short vignette - Janice is bored and looking for fun at a newly-opened bar in Port Townsend. B:tVS continuity. Adobe Acrobat file, not HTML.

Janice has been part of several chronicles, but she wouldn't have existed (nor would I have learned about Vampire: The Masquerade) without the help of THE Rich T. - who patiently read all kinds of hand-scrawled gibberish from me in the early 1990s and hardly ever complained. Thanks Rich, I owe it all to you! Later, she was a part of a campaign managed by Logan W. and my late husband, Alex B.

The likeness of Famke Janssen is used entirely without permission, and is merely meant as homage.

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