Kumla Storyseeker

An archtypical werewolf - well, an archtypical Silent Strider - with an atypical pack. As a member of the pack Luna's Mist and second-in-command to Joshua Greymist, Kumla helps lead the sept of Mount Diablo against the Wyrm. Although she prefers to live up to her name and collect tales and omens to share with other garou, Kumla does not shrink from battle when it's neccesary.






Short biography written so Kumla's GM has some history to work with.

Kumla is a part of a more-off-than-on werewolf larp pack, Luna's Mist. Her introductory moot, run by Shaunna Ratliffe and the Rich Taylor was one of the best events I've ever participated in. Luna's Mist will be returning in July of 2001 and I can only hope that the GMs (me and my husband, erk!) can live up to our predecessor's repuation.

The picture is of a popular Indian model to whom I will gladly grant credit if someone could tell me her name!

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